Summer Accommodation: Rooms available from Thursday through to Monday nights from $68 per night! Call 1-250-491-0221.


Billing Information

  • All Utilities (Water, Sewer, and Gas) are billed on a monthly basis on one invoice.
  • All bills are due on the specified date on your invoice, late fees are charged at 2% of your outstanding balance.
  • To remit payment online using internet banking, please add Big White Sewer as a payee and use your account number as shown on your bill, without the decimal. Example: 3360.00 - 336000
  • Disconnections will occur after 60 days of non-payment or non-contact after purchase.
  • Reconnections fees of $80.00 per utility will be charged.
  • NSF charge is $25.00.
  • Paper Fee for all printed and mailed bills begin December 1st. Email billing is available for free. Please email to change your billing delivery method.
    • $2.50 Within Canadian
    • $5.00 Outside Canada
  • Minimum Gas Charges
    • Residential - $10.00/Month
    • Commercial - $45.00/month


Monthly Utility Charges

Utility - Sewer*
Charges Consumption Charges
Demand Charges
Residential n/a
$5.00/Service Factor
Commercial $2.00/Cubic Meter
$3.25/Service Factor
Utility - Water
Charges Consumption Charges
Demand Charges
Replacement Reserve Charges
Residential $0.84/Cubic Meter
$0.87/Service Factor
$0.88/Service Factor
Commercial $0.84/Cubic Meter
$0.88/Service Factor
$0.88/Service Factor
Utility - Gas**
Charges Consumption Charges
Residential Price Per Gigajoule***
Commercial Price Per Gigajoule***


*GST - Mandatory Federal charge
**GST - Mandatory Federal charge/ICE - Innovative Clean Energy Fund - Mandatory Provincial charge
***Monthly calculated propane charges per gigajoule. Pricing based on cost of propane using first in first out pricing model

Service factors are determined when a unit/property is built and are calculated based on the number of beds, fixtures and square footage of the living area.



In case of Emergency call: 250.470.2355


Contact Us


Utilities Accountant:
Jeanette Newman 250.491.6167
Accounts Payable:
Miranda Klein  250.491.6123
Snow Removal:

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