Snow Pines Water Quality Update - December 22, 2020

There have been a few questions related to the colour of the water in Snow Pines, it has a slight yellow colour to it when you refill a hot tub or fill your bathtub, this is the natural colour of the water. The water is fully treated by Ultra Violet light and has a chlorine residual of .2mg/L. The colour is caused from dissolved solids of 14.9mg/L, which makes the colour visible. When looking through several inches of water, the darker the liner in your hot tub the darker the water will appear. Treating the hot tub with minor shock will clear it up in less then 24hrs.

The treated water exceeds Interior Health requirements and is safe to drink, shower and do laundry. The water system is monitored 24/7 with alarm parameters to notify Water treatment operators of abnormal water quality issues.

Yours Truly,
Maurice Valcourt
V.P. Big White Water Utilities


Billing Information

  • All Utilities (Water, Sewer, and Gas) are billed on a monthly basis on one invoice.
  • All bills are due on the specified date on your invoice, late fees are charged at 2% of your outstanding balance.
  • To remit payment online using internet banking, please add Big White Sewer as a payee and use your account number as shown on your bill, without the decimal. Example: 3360.00 - 336000
  • Disconnections will occur after 60 days of non-payment or non-contact after purchase.
  • Reconnections fees of $80.00 per utility will be charged.
  • NSF charge is $25.00.
  • Paper Fee for all printed and mailed bills begin December 1st. Email billing is available for free. Please email utilities@bigwhite.com to change your billing delivery method.
    • $2.50 Within Canadian
    • $5.00 Outside Canada
  • Minimum Gas Charges
    • Residential - $10.00/Month
    • Commercial - $45.00/month


Monthly Utility Charges

Utility - Sewer*
Charges Consumption Charges
Demand Charges
Residential n/a
$5.00/Service Factor
Commercial $2.00/Cubic Meter
$3.25/Service Factor
Utility - Water
Charges Consumption Charges
Demand Charges
Replacement Reserve Charges
Residential $0.84/Cubic Meter
$0.87/Service Factor
$0.88/Service Factor
Commercial $0.84/Cubic Meter
$0.88/Service Factor
$0.88/Service Factor
Utility - Gas**
Charges Consumption Charges
Residential Price Per Gigajoule***
Commercial Price Per Gigajoule***


*GST - Mandatory Federal charge
**GST - Mandatory Federal charge/ICE - Innovative Clean Energy Fund - Mandatory Provincial charge
***Monthly calculated propane charges per gigajoule. Pricing based on cost of propane using first in first out pricing model

Service factors are determined when a unit/property is built and are calculated based on the number of beds, fixtures and square footage of the living area.


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