Season Pass FAQ


Q: Can I get a full refund if I change my mind about purchasing my season pass?
A: You can buy your pass with confidence, knowing that you can get a total refund if you choose to return your pass before opening day.

Q: Are season passes refundable?
A: Season Passes are non-refundable unless the $30 Refundable Pass Option is purchased concurrently with a season pass.

Q: How much will my refund be?
A: If you have purchased the $30 RPO, the refund/credit amount is based on the number of days you skied or rode. If you ski or ride 7 or more days in 2022/2023 you will not be eligible for a refund. The formula for the refundable pass option table can be found HERE.

Q: How to I request a refund?
A: Email before April 10, 2023 to submit a refund request for review. Any requests submitted after April 10, 2023 will not be accepted.

Dates & Hours

Q: What are the dates of the 2022/2023 season?
A: Opening day is scheduled to be Thursday, November 24, 2022 or as soon as snow conditions permit, provided health authorities, safety regulations, and mountain conditions grant we do so. The final day of the season is scheduled to be April 10, 2023.

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Winter Hours of Operation here >>

Lost, forgotten, or replacement passes

Q: Lost your pass?
A: No Problem! We can replace it for a $20 printing fee. This can be done by visiting the ticket office located in the Village Centre Mall during operating hours. A new release of liability waiver must be signed when a new pass is printed.

Q: Forgot your pass?
A: You will be issued with a day ticket and have your season pass suspended for the day. Each season, we will issue one forgotten lift ticket per passholder. After first issue a reprint is needed at a cost of $20.00 as per above.

Waiver & Privacy Policy Information

Q: Who has to sign a paper waiver this year?
A: All new passholders (those who did not have a pass during the 2021/22 season) for the upcoming season, anyone who has turned 19, and anyone who has lost their pass and/or requires a new season pass be printed, will need to complete and sign the release of liability waiver in person.

Q: Who does not have to sign a paper waiver this year?
A: All passholders for the previous three seasons (2019-2022) renewing their passes online and signing the online release of liability waiver do not need to re-sign a paper waiver.

Q: Do I need to sign a waiver if I am renewing my season pass online?
A: Yes. Everyone renewing their season pass online will need to complete the online release of liability waiver.

Q: Can I sign the waiver online if I don't complete it at the time of purchase?
A: If you were unable to sign the online waiver, please contact the tickets team via email with your Full name and Date of Birth and we will contact you in regards to the next steps.

Q: How do I see a copy of the waiver?
A: A PDF version of the release of liability waiver can be found HERE.  For viewing purposes only. Will not be accepted if printed and not signed in front of a Big White tickets staff member.

Q: Can you give me more information on your privacy policy?
A: You may learn more about our organization's Personal Information Protection Policy at or by contacting our Personal Information Administrator at 250.765.3101.

Pass Purchase, Collection, and Renewal

Q: Why as a long-time Season Passholder, do I need to pay the $20.00 card fee every 4 years?
A: Big White Ski Resort is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by reusing our reloadable season pass card as long as possible. The chip contained inside your pass has a limited lifespan of 4-years and there are costs associated with purchasing the new media. Please note, season pass cards can only be reloaded for consecutive seasons.

Q: How do I save the additional $20 card fee on my next pass?
A: Don’t lose it! Reuse it! At the end of the season keep your season pass in a safe place. When reloading the next season the system will automatically recognize the most recent active season pass on file and reload it with the new season.

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to use the payment plan?
A: Yes. The deposit locks you in to the payment plan price at time of purchase. The deposit is deducted fromm the total pass price and the remaining balance is spilt into equal payments.

Q: I did not have a season pass last season, can I reload an old season pass?
A: Passes can only be reloaded for consecutive seasons. If a season is missed the card is voided and a new one must be purchased.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: In the ticket office we accept, debit, credit cards, Big White gift cards and cash. All online purchases can be made using a credit card only. We do not accept debit/cheques for the payment plan. Payment plans can only be purchased with a credit card.

Q: Do I need a new photo?
A: You do not need a new photo if you are renewing your season pass. All new passholders will need to provide a photo online or have their photo taken at the ticket office when they pick up their pass.

Q: What if I change the age category before or during the ski season?
A: Alll age category cut-off dates are as of the date we process your pass. For example, if you will be turning 65 by December 31 2022, you qualify for the Club 65 Season Pass. We are unable to process this online if your date of birth falls after October 16. Please contact the ticket office at 250.491.6262 for more information on how to verify your Club 65 status.

Q: When do I pick up my pass?
A:  Passes can be collected starting late June from the Ambrosi rd office in Kelowna. You can also collect on mountain at the Village Ticket Office. Hours of Operation here >> Winter hours will be updated closer to season opening.

Q: What if I renewed my pass online?
A: Season passes renewed online are activated and ready for this coming season. You can head straight to the lift when you arrive on the mountain! But please make sure that all waivers have been signed before heading up. You can do this by calling the Tickets Department on 250.491.6262 or emailing

Q: Why do I keep getting a notification that my online payment plan payment was declined?
A: We are aware of an issue affecting some online payment plans causing the notification to be sent out by mistake. We are working with our software provider to fix this. Please disregard. Your pass will not be cancelled. Please email for further assistance.

Q: I am on the payment plan, when can I pick up my pass?
A: Passes can be collected starting in late June from the Ambrosi rd office in Kelowna. You can also collect on the mountain from Opening Day at the Village Ticket Office. Your pass will automatically become deactivated if any payments are missed. Winter Hours of Operation here >>.


Q: Can I buy my student pass online?
A: Yes, new students and students who were passholders last year can purchase or renew their pass online. For your pass to become active, you must provide the following documents by email to a copy of your Student ID, and full-time enrollment documentation before day of opening.

Q: What is required to qualify for a Student season pass?
A: The Student Pass is available exclusively to full-time students in Canada & the USA, (3 + plus courses for the September-December semester and January-April semester) of recognized accredited college, university, local trade or business school. Co-op students and Apprentices are eligible as long as you are in school for at least 8 weeks during the fall & winter semesters and must present a letter from your school's administration office stating the period you are in school and a letter from your employer.

Q: What do I need to show to collect my student pass?
A: To collect your student pass please provide the following:

  • Registration documents for the fall and winter terms.
  • A copy of your current course schedule/registration showing time/date of classes, name and student number must be provided.
  • Provide a statement showing payment/partial payment of your course fees and your student number. *this does not include your minimal registration fee and must show a significant payment toward your registered course tuition
  • Provide valid government issued photo ID.
  • Co-op students and Apprentices must provide course registration for the term they are enrolled in and a letter from their employer verifying their co-op/apprentice status.

Q: Do I need to have a printed version of full time student status paperwork?
A: Students are welcome to log into their online Student Services page to show the above-noted proof. Screenshots of schedules and proof of payment are now accepted by email only. Screen shots or other digital documents must show your name and student number.

Additional Information

Q: Other ski resorts have special season pass prices for families, why doesn't Big White?
A: At Big White we consider all of our passholders part of the Big White family. Several years ago, we decided to offer our family season pass rates to everyone, regardless of the number of people in the household. The pricing you see today is based on our family season pass prices, but we no longer refer to it in this way as we strive to be more inclusive and fair to everyone.

Q: Can I purchase kids season long rentals?
A: Yes. Add the rentals to the season pass purchase (when available) or purchase rentals separately after the season pass purchase has been completed.

Q: I have entered the correct information in the online waiver but I cannot proceed. What do I do?
A: If you are using Chrome, the date format may be incorrect. Please change your language setting to English (US) or use a different browser. Contact for further assistance.

Q: Can I purchase a bus pass add-on?
A: The express bus service has been discontinued at this time. No bus pass is available.

Q: Can I purchase a locker this season?
A: Yes, if you previously had a locker this is still yours. Email for more information.

Q: Can I purchase a tubing add-on?
A: The tubing add-on is available online and can be purchased with your season pass.

Q: Can I purchase a parking pass for the Ridge Parking Lot?
A: No, day parking at the Ridge parking lot will be free for the 22/23 season. No permit is required.


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