Summer Safety

General Information and Safety

No Smoking on hiking trails or while riding the lift due to forest fire danger
  • Please smoke in designated smoking locations only
  • No smoking is permitted anywhere in the Alpine

Stay on designated trails

  • Familiarize yourself with the trail route
  • Trail Maps are located in the Village, and at the bottom of the Bullet Chairlift
  • Trails are physically marked with neon coloured Inukshuk
  • Stay on the designated trails - leaving the trail will damage the fragile ecosystem of the mountain
  • Do not pick the flowers
Smoke Free Big White

Protect Your Skin

  • Make sure to put sunscreen on exposed skin
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Wear a hat
  • Use a good quality bug spray

Dress Appropriately

  • Weather conditions can change quickly
  • Be prepared for spring, summer, autumn and winter conditions
  • Layering clothing is the most effective way of protecting yourself from the weather
  • Carry a whistle. The sound of a whistle blast will carry further than your voice should you require assistance


  • Hiking trails have loose gravel and uneven surfaces
  • Make sure your footwear offers good support and has good treads

Hydration and Snacks 

  • Hiking at elevation is hard work. Make sure you carry water with you and stay hydrated
  • Bring along high energy snacks and a lunch if you plan to spend the day up in the Alpine
  • You will need to replace the calories you burn as you hike
  • Pack out what you pack in. DO NOT throw away biodegradables that can attract bears

Designated Meeting Location

  • The meeting place should be a spot that everyone can easily find and access. If you become separated head to your designated meeting place


  • Ensure that your dog is on leash - this keeps both wildlife and your dog safe
  • Pick up after dogs and put waste into trash bins

Sightseeing Chair Ride - Lift Safety

  • You must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload lifts. If in doubt, ask the lift attendant
  • You must not use lifts or terrain if you are impaired through use of alcohol or drugs
  • If you require assistance please notify the lift attendant


  • Read lift signage
  • Make sure loose items are secure
  • Remove backpacks


  • Ask for help from the lift attendant if unsure
  • Follow chair through station, stop at “load here” marker
  • Remember to pick your feet up after you sit down


  • Lower the restraining bar
  • Single riders sit in the middle of the chair
  • Do not swing or bounce chair while riding
  • Do not jump from chair
  • Make sure small children are sitting back in the seat
  • Have a good grip on your dog – a dog harness is recommended


  • Lift restraining bar prior to entering the station, make sure everyone is sitting back in the chair
  • Prepare to unload
  • Keep feet up


  • Stand at the Unload Here sign
  • Walk straight ahead

Lightning/Severe Weather Safety Protocols

With summer heat comes summer storms, please be aware of the safety protocols while on the mountain hiking or biking.

In the event of lightning or severe weather:

  • Big White staff will monitor the weather system and update our Patrol and Resort Service Departments 
  • Operation Staff will notify guests with a horn warning system two hours prior to the incoming weather system. If you hear the horn, please make your way off the mountain and to your vehicle in a timely and safe manner.
  • Hiking patrol will close the upper hiking network and sweep the trails. Lift access will be closed to biking, hiking and sightseeing guests and all ticket sales will be closed. Bike park access will also be closed and the park swept.
  • If you cannot make it to your car or public building in time, all of the lift unload buildings will be left unlocked and you are welcome to seek shelter in the lift stations. The exception to this is the Bullet unload station which would be occupied by lift staff on shift.
  • Once our Operations Team has given the all-clear, lift service will resume as normal.

Weather standby’s

Pre-Storm Standby:

  • Alpine hiking trails are closed and the Bullet Chair will not load any new hikers 
  • Bikers will continue to be able to load the Bullet Chair 
  • Ticket Sales will cease during this time 

Storm Standby:

  • Bullet Chair is on standby and not loading public of any type 

Thank you for your compliance. Play safe!


Bear Aware

An encounter with a bear is something that visitors may experience when hiking in the Alpine.  Please remember that you are a guest in their home territory! Bears are beautiful creature and deserve our respect.

  • Do not throw food or food waste into the forest, it can attract bears and then the bear gets into trouble
  • Do not feed wildlife
  • Hike in groups and make lots of noise

Remain calm.  Think ahead.
Your actions are the best defense against a bear attack.

Taken from: 

Black BearGrizzly Bear
  • Do not run: Bears can easily outrun humans.  By running you may trigger an attack.  Pick up small children and when possible stay in a group.  Back away slowly and speak softly.
  • Give the bear space:  Back away slowly and talk in a soft voice.  Do not approach the bear or make eye contact.
  • Leave the area or make a wide detour:  If you cannot leave, wait until the bear moves out of the way and ensure that the bear has an escape route.
  • If the bear rears up on its hind legs:  It is curious and trying to see you or catch your scent better.  It is not a sign of aggression.  Back away slowly and talk softly.
  • Watch for aggressive behaviors:  A bear may display aggression by swinging its head from side to side; making vocalizations such as huffs, snorts, whoops, or moans; displaying teeth or claws; jaw popping; swatting at the ground; staring with eye contact; panting; or laying its.ears back. These behaviours usually indicate that the bear is stressed, acting defensively, and asking for more space.  Attacks rarely follow, but this is a warning to leave the area.


Smoke Free Big White

Smoking of any kind (including tobacco, marijuana, e-cigarettes and vaporizers) is strictly prohibited anywhere on Big White Ski Resort property outside of designated smoking areas. Applies to summer and winter seasons. Mountain Safety Info >>

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