Brrr... It's Cold Out! Where To Go To Warm Up At Big White

Posted On: February 09, 2021 |
Time to bundle up! We're in a cold snap up here at Big White Ski Resort, with temperatures dipping below -30C with wind chill in the alpine. Remember to dress in layers, pack extra masks – they get wet and freeze – and be aware of signs of frostbite. There are plenty of place to thaw those fingers and toes, but please be respectful of the COVID-19 safety protocols in our day lodges and buildings.

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Please note: As of February 9, the Gem Express Quad Chair and Cliff Chair are not running due to the cold temperatures.

At the Village Centre Mall, you are welcome to come in and warm up, you MUST ensure your face coverings remain on at all times – no exceptions. If you wish to eat or drink, you must remain outside or visit an alternate day lodge where you can sit at a table. Please be advised the Village Centre Mall has a maximum capacity of 100 guests.

The lower level of the Happy Valley Day Lodge is also open for those looking to warm up, and masks must remain on unless you are seated. There is lots of space in the upper level for a quick warm up and for those looking to fill their bellies with some warm food and drink.

The upper level of the Black Forest Day Lodge is only available for those looking to dine in, and the lower level is again open for warming up, and masks must remain on while seated.

There are additional chairs by the fireplace at the Ridge Day Lodge, but masks must remain on while in those chairs. There are tables available this week for those looking to eat and stay warm.

Moonlight Bistro is available for food and warming up. Please be reminded the Gem Lake Express Chair is closed until temperatures in the alpine increase.

Don't forget! There are plenty of dining establishments at the resort that are safe and cozy, with plenty of belly-warming meals available for you and your bubble. Warm up with a hot chocolate or a hearty lunch from Globe Cafe, Snowshoe Sams, The Bullwheel or Black Diamond. Find a full list of our dining establishments, here.

Please be respectful of other guests on the mountain, and, as seating is limited, once you are warm, allow your table to open up for another group or person. 

Thank you! Stay warm, stay safe.

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