Tips For Hiking With Dogs

Posted On: June 13, 2024 |
If you plan on taking a sightseeing chairlift ride up the Bullet Chair, we recommend using a dog harness instead of a neck collar to keep playful pups secure during walks and on the chairlift. Plus, dogs ride for free!

Summertime is just so much better when you can spend it with the ones you love – including your four-legged family members! At Big White Ski Resort, we love seeing your pooches hitching rides on the chairlift, wagging their tails in the Village, and sniffing flowers in the alpine meadows. To ensure everyone, including your pet, stays happy, healthy, and safe while traversing the mountain, we have a few basic rules and tips.

Our Director of Resort Services and Events, Bethan Wetheral, and her French Bulldog, Monkey, have been living and hiking on the mountain for years. Bethan loves the variety of trails: "It keeps things exciting for my dog – there are some good climbing sections and nice flat terrain for a bit of a break, too." Together, they've figured out the best way to enjoy the great outdoors while being respectful of other guests. Here are a few tips from Bethan on how to get the most out of hiking with your pooch.

Planning on staying the night? Check out our pet-friendly accommodation options here.

Bring Supplies
Bethan always packs a CamelBak and a collapsible water bowl so both she and Monkey can stay hydrated while hiking. Since it's usually about 10 degrees cooler on the mountain than in the Valley, you don't need to worry too much about your pup overheating.

"Across some of the trails, there are beautiful creeks, so there is a chance for the dogs to get wet and have a drink, which is nice, too!" Bethan says.

A long leash and harness are essential. If you are taking your dog on the chairlift, a harness is usually a better option than a collar, as you can have a better handle on the pup once you approach the top.

Don't forget to pack food and poop bags – no one wants to step in your dog's mess when they're enjoying the beautiful scenery!

Be Aware
With mountain life comes mountain wildlife, so it's always best to be alert. Know if your dog will run if they see an animal – such as a deer or bird. That's why it's so important to keep your dog on a leash! If you are hiking outside our Hours of Operation, it's always a good idea to make lots of noise in case bears are nearby.

"Although I haven't experienced any, on any alpine hiking trails, I recommend doing a good check for ticks when you get off the trails," Bethan says.

Go-To Trail
Bethan's favourite hike to take Monkey on is the Rhonda Lake Trail. "It is a great hike up with the most gorgeous scenery," she says. "The start of the trail has shaded sections, so it doesn't get too warm until you reach Rhonda." Once you reach Rhonda Lake, make your way to the top of the Bullet Chair, a rockier trail with decent elevation gain. Complete the trip by continuing on the Peak Trail, which takes you to the top of the Cliff Chair – your pooch will definitely enjoy the view!

Click here to view our Trail Guide.

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hiking with dogs
hiking with dogs
hiking with dogs

Final Tips
Please be respectful of other guests and stay on the designated hiking trails (follow the orange rock cairns). We love sharing Mother Nature's beauty with all of you, including your furry friends, but we don't want to disturb the beautiful home of all the natural inhabitants of Big White!

Be sure to share the cuteness by tagging #DogsOfBigWhite on Instagram – your fur baby may just be featured in our Insta-Stories! And come check out Dog Days @ Big White this summer and enjoy a fun afternoon of furry fun and fundraising with Paws it Forward! Learn more about this year’s event Dog Days @ Big White here.


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