Big White Ski Resort Launches Community Energy Conservation Program

Posted On: February 21, 2023 |
Kelowna, BC: Big White Ski Resort, in collaboration with FortisBC Inc. (FortisBC) and GreenStep Solutions Inc. (GreenStep), has launched the Big White Community Energy Conservation Engagement Program.

The goal of this program is to identify energy conservation measures, programs, policies and initiatives that Big White Ski Resort, residents and property owners, stratas, and businesses can implement to save energy.

“With Big White Ski Resort’s recent commitment as a Resort Alliance partner of Protect Our Winters (POW), it is important that we (and our community partners) begin by assessing the environmental impact of all our current operations resort-wide,” said Peter Plimmer, President and CEO of Big White Ski Resort. “By measuring our current footprint, GreenStep Solutions and FortisBC can help us make data-driven decisions to operate more efficiently from an energy perspective. Everyday we have the environment and climate change on our mind. We take the stewardship of the land very seriously and we are now inviting others to join us as we take this step forward,” said Plimmer.

The program, partially funded by FortisBC, will consist of energy assessments for all resort-owned properties, voluntary energy assessments offered to stratified properties and businesses, and an anonymous, voluntary, online survey for residents to understand current energy use and barriers to energy conservation. The resident survey has launched and will remain open until Friday, March 31, 2023. All residents, tenants, and residential property owners at Big White will be encouraged to participate here for a chance to win one of three prizes.

A final report completed by GreenStep will identify barriers to energy conservation, and a range of recommendations that will lead to energy conservation, cost savings, and improved environmental sustainability performance for the Resort and the Big White community. Residents can participate in FortisBC’s residential and commercial energy conservation programs and receive rebates on building upgrades for water heaters, heat pumps, washers, dryers, electric vehicle charging stations and insulation. There are also low-cost and no-cost energy conservation tips and tools that residents can use to reduce energy use.

“Working together with Big White and GreenStep shows how a collective effort can help the community achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals,” said Danielle Wensink, Director of Conservation and Energy Management at FortisBC. “It’s important to use energy efficiently, regardless of the energy source, and our programs are designed to help all our customers find the best options that help them lower energy use and monthly bills.”

Using these findings, GreenStep will facilitate a series of workshops with key stakeholders, to set goals and create a customized environmental sustainability action plan for Big White.

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