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You’ve seen it on posters, you’ve seen it on stickers - and no doubt a chairlift tower or two - so just what is The Alpine Responsibility Code?

The Alpine Responsibility Code is a code of ethics for skiers and snowboarders endorsed and used by the Canadian West Ski Areas Association (C.W.S.A.A.). It’s like the rules of the road but for the slopes - a guideline of the appropriate etiquette all skiers and snowboarders must follow to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe alpine experience.

Think you know the code? Take this quiz to see if you’re an ace in the alpine. It’s everyone’s responsibility to become familiar with the code and conduct themselves accordingly.

Slow Zone


1) On the slopes, it’s:

a) Every man for himself

b) Important to be aware and courteous of those around you

c) Necessary to live in constant fear of getting hit


2) Knowing how to stop is:

a) Hard. I never learned and don’t need to

b) Necessary to maintain control and avoid other people and objects

c) Not as fun as hitting sick jumps


3) People ahead of you:

a) Are fun to spray snow on

b) Should always get right of way

c) Never get right of way


4) If you need to stop and wait for your friend:

a) Stand in the middle of the run so he/she will see you

b) Hide behind some trees so you can jump out and scare them 

c) Stop to the side of the run or trail so as not to obstruct other people


5) Before starting downhill or merging onto a trail:

a) Shoulder check, look up, and yield to others


c) Go as slow as you can. In fact, just go home. 


6) If you witness a collision or accident:

a) Let the victim know you’ve called Ski Patrol then you’re free to go  

b) Stay with the victim until Ski Patrol arrives and identify yourself as a witness

c) Wait for a Ski Patroller to ski by and notice the accident as you lurk in the shadows


7) To prevent runaway equipment:

a) Use proper devices like ski breaks and leashes

b) Wear your equipment at all times

c) That’s a silly question - equipment can’t run… 


8) Signs and warning markers are there for you to:

a) Smack with your poles and shred underneath

b) Observe and obey

c) Take selfies with


9) Closed trails and closed areas are:

a) Closed for a reason. It’s important to keep off closed terrain.  

b) Where you find the best pow (so what if there are cliffs?)

c) Where all the bears hibernate


10) You must not use lifts or terrain if you are:

a) Wearing a helmet

b) Chewing gum  

c) Impaired by alcohol or drugs


11) If you don’t know how to load or unload from the lifts:

a) Ask a liftie because they’re really friendly, nice people

b) Just wing it. What’s the worst that can happen?

c) Walk up the hill 




12) Green runs are:

a) Groomed better, therefore they are better for racing

b) All considered slow zones

c) Where you eat French fries and pizza


13) The role of Ski Patrol is to:

a) Enforce 

b) Educate 

c) Triangulate


14) Like driving a car, you must: 

a) Always shoulder check

b) Blast your tunes extra loud

c) Defrost your skis or snowboard before use


Closed Areas


How did you do? Below are the correct answers. Count up your answers and see what type of alpine expert you are:



1) b

2) b

3) b

4) c

5) a

6) b

7) a

8) b

9) a

10) c

11) a

12) b

13) b

14) a




1-5: Bunny Hill Brains

6-10: Alpine Average

11-14: Ski Patrol Superstar

No matter how well you did, anything less than a perfect score means that it’s time to brush up on your alpine expertise. There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Remember, it’s everyone’s responsibility to know The Alpine Responsibility Code so we can all stay safe and have fun! Make sure you review it before you hit the slopes.

 The Alpine Responsibility Code


In the event of any emergency on the hill, contact the Big White Ski Patrol by calling (250) 491 6160. 

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