February 25th - Big Whites at Big White

EVENTS-BigReds9.jpgThe hugely successful 'Big Whites at Big White' is less than a month away and already whispers of excitement is in the air.  Carla Waden from Kelowna has attended the 'Big Reds' for the past five seasons and is thrilled to attend the Big Whites for the first time. "It's such a fun event to discover great local wines and enjoy delicious food," Ms Waden said. The event showcases the best white wines the Okanagan Valley is producing and gives the attendees an opportunity to taste the variety, quality and individuality coming from the area. Trevor Hanna, Director of Food and Beverage commented, "Big Whites at Big White offers the perfect backdrop to entertain our mountain guests while giving the Okanagan wineries another opportunity to show the world how special this area really is." Big Whites will be held on March 23 from 6.00pm - 9.00pm at the Village Centre Mall, featuring a great selection of delicious local Okanagan wines such as Calona Vineyards, Peller Estates, Nk’Mip Cellars, Silk Scarf Winery, Little Straw Vineyards and Cassini Cellars just to name a few.  Tickets are $60 per person and can be purchased at the Big White Concierge Desk or contact them at concierge@bigwhite.com

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February 18, 2013 - Record Turnout for Cruz the Blues

Events-Cruz_Blues-stamp.jpg Events-Cruz_Blues-stamp2.jpg Events-Cruz_Blues-sign.jpg


This weekend Big White hosted Cruz The Blues for the third time this season. Over 1,100 people registered. The youngest being only four years old and the oldest an incredible 89. Saturday's weather tested our participants navigation skills with a thick fog covering the mountains for majority of the day - but no one complained since it was snowing and was much more adventurous! Whilst Sunday's weather was overcast with clear visibility which helped people collect their stamps a lot faster. By 3.30pm, Happy Valley's Day Lodge was completely full with families and groups of friends lining up for their Cruz The Blues t-shirt. The presentation commenced, hosted by the Guest Services Crew, and random participant's names were drawn out and were given prizes. The Crew also threw out prizes such as sunglasses, clothing, stickers, belts and mascot stuffed animals to the crowd who were lucky and quick to snatch them up! Grand prizes included a GoPro, Oakley Snow Goggles, an iPod Shuffle and Nintendo DS Games. It was great to see everyone receiving something. The overall weekend was successful and fun. The next Cruz The Blues weekend will be held 16th to 17th March and is sponsored by Stutters Disaster Kleenup, Wind, Fire and Water Kleenup and Big White.

First Annual Ice Climbing Series


Ice climbing is typically considered an extreme and niche sport, left to those brave few willing to venture into the back-country in search of a frozen waterfall suitable for climbing. However, guests at Big White are able to swap skis for crampons within minutes since the opening of their man-made ice tower in 2010.  In response to growing enthusiasm, Big White will launch an “Ice Climbing Series” this winter. Three winter clinics, led by Canadian ice climbing experts, will culminate in a thrilling Ice Climbing competition. From beginner to expert, Big White is the only ski resort in North America offering this unique experience for all to enjoy. They are also offering 10% off accommodation to course participants and a lift & lodging special from $81 per person, per day.

Win a Season Pass with 'Mini Loose Moose'!

Mini-Moose-Contest-Blog.jpg Win a Gold Pass Season's Pass for this Season at Big White!

I’m on the move! Loose Moose here again! How is your summer now the sun is back? I’m having a great time but boy have I been busy these last few months! Attending events all over town and the world this summer and I want to join your summer adventures! I’m a bit busy do be there in person so I asked the team to hand out mini-me’s!

Ice Sculpture Bear


What’s your favorite chairlift at Big White? Mine tends to vary from day to day depending on whom I’m skiing with. While you can’t beat Gem Lake for its length and the great ride down, if you’re skiing with a big group, it’s fun when you can get all six onto the Snow Ghost six-pack to ride up together.This week, however, I have a new favorite lift, thanks to the wonderful ice sculpture work at the top of the Plaza Chair!This sweet little bear with a very big heart was there to greet us when we got to the top of the Plaza Chair on the weekend. Skiing with some friends who didn’t have seasons passes, we skied down from the condo and then rode up the Plaza so they could get their tickets. That’s when we saw this amazing little bear!Watch for him if you find yourself riding the Plaza chair. I just hope he hasn’t melted in all that sunshine!

Beyond the Snow - Groomers

Beyond the Snow - Loose Moose

Candle Creek Dog Sledding Expands its Operations and Leads the Way towards the Ethical Treatment of Sled Dogs

dog_sledding-1145.jpgDue to popular demand, Candle Creek Dog sledding will be adding an additional daily trip to their schedule for the 2012/2013 season. A family-run operation, Tim and his wife Kerry will be offering a total of 6 trips into Big White's stunning backcountry. With only one sled per tour, Candle Creek ensures an intimate, hands-on experience for guests to experience the sport as well as spend quality time with the dogs.A leader in the industry, Candle Creek helped write the legislation for the new BC Sled Dog Code of Practice that ensures proper treatment of the dogs. The code will be in full compliance at Candle Creek well before operations next season. In addition, Candle Creek spearheaded the formation of the Professional Mushers Association of BC, a society formed of commercial dogsled operators interested in improving the perception of dog sledding in general through proper care and public education.For more information and bookings visit the Big White Activities Desk or phone 250.491.6111 or e-mail at activities@bigwhite.com

48 Minutes to Powder

48_minutes_3.jpegThat’s how long it takes to get in my car from Kelowna and drive out to where the snow just keeps falling, giving us more and more powder to play in. Even on a bad day, I can leave my house and be geared up and riding the Gem Chair in under an hour, and with so many people holding out for bluebird days, there are no line-ups!Hard to believe there are only a few weeks left of the season – why does it always go by so fast?So, if you’re sick of the rain and gray skies in Kelowna, remember, the precipitation is falling in form of champagne powder on the hill. You’ve got all summer to golf and garden, time for a few last good turns before the season ends!There are some great deals going on right now as well with tickets and accommodations and fun stuff going on in the Village Centre and Happy Valley, with  Wine Lovers event at the Globe tonight and an Evening with a Winemaker at Kettle Valley Steakhouse on Friday night. 48 Minutes = Powder.... hmmmm, how fast can you pack the car...

Glenna Turnbull

Climbing the Walls at Big White

Kids-Climbing-Wall-Blog.jpgAre your kids still bursting with energy after a day of playing in the powder? Are they climbing the walls in your condo or, worse, do you feel like you're climbing the walls trying to deal with their excess energy? You might want to check out the Big White Kids Centre where they really can climb the walls!Every Friday 5pm - 8pm, kids are invited to get harnessed up and come climb at the climbing wall inside the Kids Centre, eat pizza and then watch a movie – all for just $20. Before heading up the wall, safety mats are put into place and all climbers must be harnessed and belayed for complete safety. The climbing wall itself is 10 feet high and while there are no set or marked routes, there is an easier and more difficult side to choose from. Parents wanting to sign their kids up need to stop by the Kids Centre before 3pm on Friday to sign them up. Then, they can make their own reservation for a nice relaxing dinner at one of the restaurants on the hill.It’s a win-win situation and best of all, won’t have you climbing the walls – just your kids!

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