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Ages 5 - 7

Ski & Snowboard Lessons for Ages 5 - 7

At age 5-7 in the Kids’ Centre, kids can choose between skiing and boarding, as well having the option of full day group lessons in addition to morning or afternoon sessions. Each discipline has five different ability levels to cater to every kid’s needs and our expert instructors will ensure that their students are progressing to the best of their abilities in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. For a one-on-one learning experience for your child to really get the most out of their time with the Ski & Board School we have a variety of Private Lesson options. If you are local and looking for a more consistent, long-term option for your 5-7 year-old, check out the Freeride Club, a 10-week lesson program for intermediate+ skiers and riders that runs on the weekend, starting in January.

Recommended Programs

Half Day Group LessonsFull Day Group LessonsFree Ride ClubChild Private Ski & Snowboard CoachingDoor-to-Ski Shuttle Service

Tips for Parents

Before You Arrive

  • Ensure that they are well rested, have eaten breakfast or lunch, and have recovered from jet lag.
  • Bring them dressed warmly and ready to ski or snowboard.
  • Don't worry about tears! Our instructors are caring and trained to help calm the fears of your child.

Weather conditions can change rapidly. Please ensure that your child is equipped with the following and that all belongings are labeled:

  • Neck warmer
  • Goggles and/or sunglasses depending on the weather
  • Waterproof & insulated mittens, gloves, jacket and pants
  • Long underwear and turtleneck
  • Warm dry socks
  • Label everything with your child's first and last name

Your Child's Day

  • Your child will spend their lesson with their instructor and group sliding, learning, playing and exploring.
  • If your child has special dietary requirements please let our Ski School Team know when you make the reservation and again when you arrive to drop them off. 
  • Please be aware that we try to operate "nut free" facilities so we please do not pack any nut products should you choose to pack your own lunch or snack.
  • Actual time on snow will vary depending on weather conditions the groups ability and stamina. Some groups will take a quick 30 minute lunch with no breaks and others, usually those who are at the early stages of learning to slide on snow and those groups with younger children, will take more frequent breaks throughout the day to rest and recuperate.
  • Please keep in mind that children learn at different rates and that your child's overall enjoyment of their time at the Kids' Centre and on the mountain is most important.

End of the Day

  • Pick up time for afternoon and full day lessons is 3:15pm.
  • Pick up time for morning lessons is 12:00pm.

Contact Us

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