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Last Updated February 25th, 2015 10:25 AM


Telus Park:

TELUS Park Update

Welcome to Telus Park! Winter is in full swing at Big White and that means that Telus Park, the biggest park in the Interior is open for you to get your shred on! If your looking for small boxes and rails to learn on, or jacked up rails and tubes to film and progress with, Telus Park is dialed in for every riding style whether your a diehard boarder, skier or even snowskater. Progression is the name of the game in Telus Park so plan your trip with confidence if your looking to ride one of the top 3 parks in Canada as rated by Transworld Snow, and come see what you've been missing all those days at your home resort. 

Our entire fleet of features has been installed along with 3 jump lanes, halfpipe and snowcross course. We can guarantee a wide variety of features for every ability level and the best park in the Interior.

Check our Facebook page for up to date info on whats happening in our park. 

Small & Medium Terrain Park Lane

Small and Medium LanesOur Small & Medium Terrain Park Lane consists of features for all ages. Progressive ride-on to jump-on take offs as well as mellow inclines and landings allow you the rider to excel at your own pace. All of our features have been refurbished and are fresh and ready for you to learn and get your grind on!

8x2 Box 20x2 Box
8x2 Box 8x1 Kink Box
8x1 Box 16' Flat Shotgun Rail
8x1 Box Two 16' Flat Rails
3x Blue Tubes 16' Round Rail Street Style
2" Wide Flat Down Rail 10 And 15 Foot Jumps
Medium & Large Terrain Park Lane

TELUS Park Medium and Large LanesThe Medium & Large Terrain Park Lane consists of features for the intermediate to experienced rider. With new rail and tube features as well as new and safer jump transitions this is the best place to learn some new tricks and get back some old ones. You can ensure this lane is full of diversity with creative features designed to flow you through our expansive lane.

24' Street Style Rail 15' Water Tank
A-Frame Rail 40' Black Tube
Donkey Kick Tube 18' Flat Tube
35' NEFF Round Flat Rail 35' Stepchild Donkey Kick
24' Up Flat Up Down Flat Down Rail
Street Style Donkey Kick Rail

 12x12 Elbow Rail

Large & Extra Large Terrain Park Lane

Large-Lanes-with-Red-Spines-260.jpgThe Large & Extra Large Terrain Park Lane consists of an ever changing array of rails, jumps, tubes and taps that are guaranteed to keep you guessing on which feature your gonna attack next. Our L/XL line are designed to keep you progressing and to always keep you entertained as you work to film your next video part, or just to get out with your salty sun dawgs on a casual friday away from the man. 

Expect the best lane in the Okanagan open before any other resorts.


15' Water Tank
24’ Down Rail - Street Style
20’ by 1’ Blue Tube, gap on
15’ by 1’ Blue Tube, w/ Donkey Kick - Street Style
Stepchild Round Rail - Street Style w/ Donkey Kick
NEFF Round Rail Set Flat
ONE Down Flat Down Rail
ONE Street Style Donkey Kick Rail
ONE 40' Flat Rail                                                                                                         40' Black tube

Standard Halfpipe

Small-Halfpipe-Photo.jpgLike riding pipe? Have no where to do so? Come ride ours! Our renowned mini pipe is cut to perfection and just the right size to give even the most experienced riders a great time.

Come check it out and catch some transition, our pipe is cut once a week and is suitable for riders of all ages. Make sure to scope the feature before use and dont forget to call your drop in's! 



TELUS Park Snowcross

Three...Two...One...Go! Let the excitement build for our renowned snowcross course. Our world class course is full of corners, berms, rollers and bumps suitable for the most die hard racers AND the family looking to have a bit of fun. 

Come race your friends or see if your son and daughter really are as fast as they say, as everyone can enjoy the rollers and berms throughout this snake course that runs through Telus Park.