Ski Tips #013 – Spring Bumps


One of the best times to go bump skiing is in the spring. Spring skiing enthusiasts called the snow conditions that you sometimes get at that time of year “corn” snow because of its kernel like texture. This type of snow makes the bumps really soft and exciting to ski because when you hit them they often explode like popcorn popping.

The line that you choose while skiing in the bumps is a really important point to consider. If you ski in troughs, the hollows between the bumps, you are at the mercy of the slope and your turns are dictated by the shape of the bumps. If you only ski over the tops you might find yourself popping up into the air only to drop down to the next bump below which sometimes ends in an uncomfortable situation. Next time you’re out trying this type of line, the sides of the bumps. This will leave you with more options. Ski into the face of the bump and try to leave a track on the side that looks like a smile if you look up at it from down the hill. A good solid pole plant over the crest of the bump will really help keep you balanced too.

There’s still lots of great day of skiing left this season, make the most of your day by spending it with a pro from the Big White Ski & Board School.

Josh Foster – Director of Snow Sports

Big White Ski Resort

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