Ski Tips #011 – The Pole Plant


A pole plant is a useful tool, here’s a couple things to keep in mind to make sure you’re using it effectively. A well timed pole plant can give your skiing a smooth and effortless feeling. To make sure that it’s happening in the right spot try to imagine that the plant is the last thing that you do with your turn, after the plant you move on to the next turn. Keep your poles moving by matching the speed that they move forward with the speed that you’re bending your legs at the end of the turn.

Where you plant your pole varies with the speed that you’re going and the size of turn you’re making but generally a good spot is on the downhill side of the turn, out away from your body but somewhere between the tip of your ski and the toe piece of your binding. Try this next time you’re out skiing, draw a triangle that’s equal on all sides with the base of the triangle being the distance between your toe piece and your ski tip, your pole plant should happen near the point of the triangle that’s furthest away from you.

How your grip your poles is also something to be aware of. Grip with all of your fingers with about the same pressure as a firm handshake and when you plant your pole try to point your knuckles down the hill. This will help keep your upper body open to the next turn. For help with this and much more, spend some time with a pro from the Big White Ski & Board School.

Josh Foster – Director of Snow Sports

Big White Ski Resort

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