Ski Tips #007 - Tree Skiing


There are acres and acres of absolutely fantastic tree runs at Big White. Everything from easy introductory glades in the Black Forest to the steep and gnarly chutes that can be found off the Powder Chair; there’s something for everyone. I love skiing in the trees because even days after a snowfall you can still find lines of fresh snow, I skied some of that this morning actually!

If you’re going to ski in the trees there’s a few things to keep in mind so that you stay safe and have the best possible experience. First and foremost a little safety information because we all know, safety + fun = more fun! Skiing in the trees means you’re going to need to go with a buddy, it’s never a good idea to go skiing in the trees alone. Also, make sure you can see your buddy or at the very least if the trees are really tight be in easy shouting distance. I always have a whistle with me, it’s attached to my uniform jacket so if I happen to get out of shouting range of my ski buddies I can use that whistle to get someone’s attention if I need some help. A helmet is always a good idea but even more so when skiing in the trees, look at it this way, it’s not so much for the possibility of a big crash it’s more for the odd low hanging branch that could pose a problem. Speaking of branches, I always take my pole straps off when I ski in the trees. The inconvenience of maybe having to hike back up a few feet to grab a pole that got caught on a branch far outweighs the inconvenience of an injured shoulder.

So, now armed with this safety information you’re set to go on your quest for that secret stash of world famous Okanagan Champagne Powder! Last thing you need to keep in mind, look at the spaces or openings between the trees, not at the trees themselves. I think of skiing through the trees as almost like a connect the dots sort of thing except I connect the openings. This gives your skiing some flow and rhythm and that’s a heck of a lot more fun!

For help with tree skiing and a whole lot more, stop by the Big White Ski & Board School and book some time with a Pro, you’ll be glad you did!


Josh Foster – Director of Snow Sports

Big White Ski Resort

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