Ski Tips #005 - First Time Sliding


We have got an absolutely incredible offer for you if you’ve never skied or snowboarded before! This Family Day Weekend, Big White Ski Resort has set up a first timer package that includes everything you need to get out on the mountain and make the most of what’s left of the winter. Here’s what you get, a 2 hour group lesson with some of the best ski and snowboard pros in the country, a beginner area lift ticket and a full day use of rental equipment. But here’s the best part, it’s half price!

So here’s what you need to do, call us at the Ski & Board School (250)491-6101 or email

Here are a few things to help you prepare for being hooked on skiing and snowboarding. They’re outdoor sports and it’s winter! Dress for it! Start with a base layer; standard long underwear is fine but there are lots of high tech bendy breathable things that work well to whatever you’re comfortable with. Then you’re going to need a mid layer; a fleece pullover or jacket works really well for this, not too bulky through because you’re going to want to be able to move easily. Lastly for on top, you need an outer layer. This is the one that’s going to protect you from the elements so waterproof for this piece is a good plan. When I’m skiing this is normally the sort of stuff I wear on my upper body, on the bottom I wear some standard long underwear and then just my ski pants, I wear pretty much the same thing snowboarding. A toque (Canadian for hat, beanie if you’re an Aussie!) and a pair of sunglasses or ski goggles are a good idea for headwear and if you choose to wear a helmet we can set you up with one of those from our rental shop. You’re also going to need a pair of gloves or mitts. It’s best if these are waterproof as well. I’m sure the ones that your Grandma knit you for Christmas are really nice but the snow is going to stick to them and they’re going to get wet! Dressing like this is going to help keep you warm, dry and comfortable while cruising on the finest Okanagan Champagne Powder.

Last thing to put on is some sun screen; maybe get a big bottle of it because you’re going to want it for all of the sunny spring days that you’re going to be enjoying up here on the mountain with your Big White season pass! We look forward to introducing you to the lifelong sports of skiing and snowboarding, call us today!


Josh Foster – Director of Snow Sports

Big White Ski Resort

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