Why Should You Bother Taking a Lesson?


Here at the Big White Ski and Board School we know that lessons are the way to go – we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe that! But here’s the thing: why should YOU take a lesson? I mean, sure, we have a smoking hot deal every summer where you can buy half price group lessons with your Season’s Pass, but you’ve been skiing for years, right? Maybe even your whole life. You can ski blues and quite possibly some blacks, how on earth could lessons make a difference to your experience? Surely it’d just be a waste of time? The funny thing is, though, that if you asked them to be honest about it, I’ll bet you even our top level guys here, some of whom are the very best in the industry, would tell you they have something they could improve upon in their skiing or riding; something that they can see in someone else’s technique that they would like to emulate. So we put our heads together and came up with the top ten reasons why YOU, the already-skier/rider should come and find out what the Big White Ski and Board School is all about, and here they are:

1. Tackle More Terrain

Big White is BC’s second largest ski resort. We have 2,765 acres of skiable terrain and 118 designated trails here and unless you can ski them all with confidence you’re missing out! You’ve made an excellent call and picked this great ski hill; by taking a lesson or two you will be able to enjoy more of it, not just what you could already do when you got here

2. Get the Most out of Your Equipment (Technology Changes)

OK, this one might not apply to everybody but if you were taught how to ski before the mid-nineties the chances are you learnt on skis that were basically unrecognizable from the ones that are available to you now. Even if you didn’t, ski and snowboard technology changes year on year, which whether you realize it or not, will have a bearing on how you use your equipment and what you can do to really maximize its potential. The best way to make sure you’re doing that? Spend some time with the guys who do it the most!

3. Meet New People

Skiing and snowboarding alone just isn’t as much fun as doing it in a group. Even if you’ve come with a bunch of people it might be the case that you aren’t all at the same ability level, which can be frustrating at times. Lessons are divided into 6 different ability levels and are the perfect way to socialize with folks traveling at your speed.

4. Get Yourself on Video and Look Awesome Doing It

Let’s face it, for all the ‘righteous’ reasons to take ski or snowboard lessons, there’s a bit of everyone that just wants to look great doing one of the world’s most awesome sports! We’ve all seen the pictures, and know how amazing it can look, and by taking a lesson or two you can indulge your inner narcissist when you’re showing off your holiday snaps back home. Best of all, we can arrange for one of our in-house videographers/photographers to do the camera work for you and really make the most of those epic turns you’ve just nailed

5. Ski Safer with More Confidence & Balance

If you ever get that feeling of apprehension about a section of terrain, or a feeling of being out of control after a turn we can fix that for you. Generally these feelings can be alleviated with a bit of fine tuning after which you will be skiing or riding with more confidence and better balance, which will also increase your chances of avoiding injury or any other mishaps that do sometimes occur on ski runs.

6. Discover Hidden Gems

Just because it’s not on the trail map doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and you wouldn’t have fun doing it! Some of our instructors have been here for over 10 years and know this place better than their own back yards, so it you are interested in sneaky tree lines, powder stashes or just plain getting off the beaten track this is definitely the best way to do it

7. Kick Old Habits - They Might be Holding You Back Without You Even Realizing

Just like with driving or anything that you do by rote, it’s all too easy to pick up bad habits without even realizing. Leaning back in your boots, washing out your turns, doing weird things with your arms, even, are all undesirables that can sneak their way into your technique. And once they creep in they’re next to impossible to shift without impartial observation, which is exactly what our expert pros can do for you

8. Bypass the Lift Lines

Arrive at a lift line with a uniformed instructor and you will be able to jump the line, no questions asked!

9. Hurt Less at the End of the Day

You know the feeling – the thigh burn, the back ache, the overwhelming desire to crawl into a hot tub and never leave it? All just a side effect of snow sports, surely? Well maybe not. It may very well be the case that your stance or technique is overworking certain parts of your body and affecting how much your muscles hurt the next day. With a little tweaking you could feel a whole lot better the morning after, and be in better shape to take on the next challenge.

10. Have a Better Holiday!

The main reason to take lessons! You’ve bought your Seasons Pass, probably paid out for a condo, why wouldn’t you want to then have as much fun as possible? Taking lessons will open up more terrain for you, allow you to get more out of your gear, and just generally broaden your experience at Big White. You already love skiing or snowboarding – that’s why you’re here – and by taking a lesson or two you can take your love affair with the sport to a whole new level.

Hey, for the cost of haircut why wouldn’t you??

Early Bird Vouchers cost $27.50 plus tax and are available to Season’s Pass holders until October 14th. For more information call 250.491.6101, Email: skischool@bigwhite.com.

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