February 18, 2013 - Record Turnout for Cruz the Blues

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This weekend Big White hosted Cruz The Blues for the third time this season. Over 1,100 people registered. The youngest being only four years old and the oldest an incredible 89.

Saturday's weather tested our participants navigation skills with a thick fog covering the mountains for majority of the day - but no one complained since it was snowing and was much more adventurous! Whilst Sunday's weather was overcast with clear visibility which helped people collect their stamps a lot faster.

By 3.30pm, Happy Valley's Day Lodge was completely full with families and groups of friends lining up for their Cruz The Blues t-shirt. The presentation commenced, hosted by the Guest Services Crew, and random participant's names were drawn out and were given prizes. The Crew also threw out prizes such as sunglasses, clothing, stickers, belts and mascot stuffed animals to the crowd who were lucky and quick to snatch them up! Grand prizes included a GoPro, Oakley Snow Goggles, an iPod Shuffle and Nintendo DS Games. It was great to see everyone receiving something. The overall weekend was successful and fun.

The next Cruz The Blues weekend will be held 16th to 17th March and is sponsored by Stutters Disaster Kleenup, Wind, Fire and Water Kleenup and Big White.

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