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Over the past week our events team has been working hard to produce a World class Snowcross Course for the IPC NORAM and the IPC SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP!!! which will be quickly followed by our NEIL EDGEWORTH BANKED SLALOM where you can enter HERE>>

                                      16th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom Day Two


This weekend the from the 8th-10th we have our first BC provincial Slopestyle Comp. Please check out our events page for more details.






If today is anything to go by TOMORROW with be a beautiful day at WORLD SNOWBOARD DAY in TELUS park. We have organized a range of compertitions and prizes plus a BBQ just to make things better. TOMORROW is going to be a great day for the whole family and first timers who want to experience snowboarding. this is going to be AMAZING!!!!






It was a great success - a lot of people showed up for the free hot dogs and free merch thanks to Vans and Stepchild Snowboards. The day started out with a small amout of fog but by the afternoon, we ended up getting dumped on. Our lovely park crew staff have been making sure all the features are fantastic and safe to ride all day long. Tonight we have a great video premiere down at Happy Valley Day Lodge - make sure you're there by 7pm.



Happy Valley is having another movie premiere on Friday, by the looks of that method it's not something to be missed!


After a successful Thanksgiving weekend in the park, we are closing the park for the week to come back next weekend with three top-to-bottom lanes. We will be having an official opening day on Saturday the 5th of December, with Stepchild and Vans helping us make this a memorable opening day. Don’t forget to come down to the Stepchild “videogracias” premiere at Happy Valley this weekend too. Looking foward to seeing your smiles at our opening day!

IT'S ON!!!

Over the past few weeks the park crew have been busy painting, grinding and fixing all the panels making sure its all pristine for this weekend, this weekend a lot our friends from down south have come to the best family resort to spend thanks giving,  so as a surprise for our friends we will be opening up a 3 hit small and a 3 hit medium with a 5 and 10 foot jump at the bottom. We are really excited to say that we had planned to open on Friday the 27th of November but due to all of park crews hard work and the help from events crew we are opening the park TOMORROW!!!! On Monday though, we will be closing the park until Friday to knock everything down and rebuild the Small (S), Medium (M) and add a Large (L) lanes. On Friday night we will have the Stepchild Video Gracias premier down at Happy Valley but try not to get too intoxicated because the very next day we have the TELUS Park opening day.

 So many exciting things coming!!!