Lift Update:
Powder Chair,Cliff Chair and TELUS Park are OPEN today


No Snow? No Worries...

Snow dances, late night gear sacrifices, not even strange pagan rituals have helped in bringing that sweet sweet nectar we call snow. In light of such circumstances, we at the Telus Park have decided to charge ahead, and blow off the fact that snow is scarce. We've fired up the snow guns, busted out our ol faithful snowcat, and started pushing around what snow we have to get a gorgeous looking park ready for this coming weekend. Now I know i've said this before, but ya gotta trust me. We let Ullr push us around last week, but this week is our round, and we're gonna walk away with the championship belt. In the words of stereotypical announcers from around the world...LETS GET READY TO RUMMMMMMBLE!!!


December 5th, Bring Jah Powder                 

website.jpgAs fast as it went. opening day went off without a hitch and now we all sit waiting for the next snowfall. Hmm..where is that next snowfall? This past week has brought freezing tropical conditions to Big White Ski Resort, -20..and clear blue skies? Pretty neat, but we all think its pretty strange and are ready for it to go away so we can build that luxuriously smooth, great tasting, Telus Park. Snow is expected for the rest of the weekend and the park crew is preparing to get moving on construction this Monday. What does that mean for you? It means your only a week away from riding the biggest and best park in the Interior. Start stretching now...your gonna want to be nice and loose for this one.




November 29th, Opening Day

 Mother nature has blessed us with enough snow to get you out and about on the hill again..the wait is finally over and thankfully, the boys have been building. Check out the preview for our opening weekend park setup built just for for you...

Big White Opening Day Preview from Pats Pictures on Vimeo.

The Final Countdown...

A great song by the band Europe...But on another note, it is also the final countdown till the day where people of all ages can rejoice...celebrate...get the one and only...Telus Park. Our crews have been working furiously to get everything ready in preperation for the monumentous event that is, Big White 2014. Dust off your boards and start planning to skip whatever engagements you have commited too on November 27th...Because this gonna be big.