State of the art park for Skiers and Snowboarders

Progression system designed lanes for all abilities starting from Small, medium, Large and Extra Large.

A Snowcross track for all ages that is fun for the whole family.

Big White Telus park plays host to all levels of snowboard and ski park events and snowcross from the entry level grass roots competition to World cup races.

Serviced by its own Telus park double chair and music.

Over 50 rail and box features and 15 jump features for all ability levels.

Telus park is serviced by an expert staff of terrain park rangers there to maintain the features through out the day. Our park staff is there to help you with any questions you may have regarding the lay out of the park and how to get around safely and help educate our guests with basic terrain park best practices.

Three snow guns start working in November to help our staff get the park off to an early season start.

Dedicated terrain park snowcat drivers keep the park in top shape and we are continually building and modifying the features through out the year to keep things fresh and exciting.


March19th, What in the world is Spring?


Yep, the weatherman lied, its stilllll snowing. toe_jam.jpgAnd while our unfortunate friends out east are savoring their dwindling reserves of snow, Big White continues to get hammered. And you know what that means right? It means that our noble, hard working and astonishngly good looking terrain park staff are shovelling their buns off to get you jibbing your vacations away every single day.

Because in Telus Park we know you dont wanna ride powder, thats just silly, you wanna ride the nastiest park this side of Kentucky all day every day, and oh yeah dont forget about the nights too! In celebration of Spring(ish) the park is open every day until 8 PM until March 29th, so if ya dont ya know...hombre.

Our last rail jam went down flawlessly, if you didnt make it shame on you, but fortunately we've left the setup for you to get gypsy on the toe jam, and attempt as many switchup zeech back tail nose mutes as you can on the 40ft tube. Things to look forward too include the Neil Edgeworth March 28th - 30th (Register Here) And the Canadian Nationals Snowboardcross April 3rd - 6th. Besides that, look forward to the surprises the park crew has in store for you, and be sure to venture into our other lanes and journey through the tree's to discover hidden gems and random builds that you wont find in any other park (I'll bet you a Bacon Croissandwich)

Shred on!


March 1st, The Journey Continues


As the season progresses on through the halfway mark, neil_edgeworht_12.jpgTelus Park is progressing through the development of new ideas, new ideas and new layouts. If you havent been through our lanes recently we have rebuilt our top of large section raising up all our features to compensate for the all the new snow we've gotten (woohoo!).

Next time you run through consider having a look around through the tree's and you may be pleasantly suprised as you could run into a variety of jib and pump track creations our park crew has built to keep you entertained. Our XL jump line has been rebuilt with bigger distances and more pop to help send you on a trip to the moon and back while tweaking your lofty cork 7's. Small and medium lanes have had some creative tube jibs added in and our halfpipe keeps getting better and better with each cut allowing you to get some comfortable hangtime above our 12ft deck.

Keep an eye out for more things being added daily and come join in our last rail jam on March 15th to win some cash and have fun on one of our most creative setups yet. Registration for the annual Neil Edgeworth Banked slalom is now open as well so make sure to sign up quickly to snag your spot in one of the most fun and talked about events of the year. Ditch your played out park and come get down at Big White! You wont be dissapointed...


January 23rd, Now Thats a Jump 


Alright, okay, we've heard it plenty of times. Jon_Olsson_Invitational_2013.pngWe love the rails and the jumps are fun and all but when, when on earth...are you going to make them bigger? Well ladies and gentleman, our park crew is pleased to announce we wont have to answer that question for AT LEAST, a couple more weeks. "What do you meeeaaaan you dont have to answer that question for a couple of weeks..?" If these words crossed your mind then im here to give you a straight answer, and that answer, is that our park experts NOT ONLY rebuilt our XL jump line with bigger heights, distances and trajectories...but they may have created the best jumps to ever exist In Big White Ski Resort's history of jump building.

Exciting news huh? We think so. Bluebird sky's have been hovering over Telus Park and are looking to continue for the weekend so grab your gear, hussle a ride and ditch your girlifriend (or boyfriend) cause we're not messin around, these things are tastier than McDonalds breakfast after a night on the town, so get on it, and see for yourself, cause this photo may not be accurate...but maybe, it is...


January 13th, Holy Snow...And a Rail Jam


Well we're well on our way into 2014 1498872_10152522017858275_699223526_o.jpgand holy cheesus its been insane. The past week has brought big white over 70 cm's of the lightest fluffiest snow know to man. Unfortunately for all you shred dogs that chowder has kept you out of the park but hopefully out there poppin pillows and droppin big lines with your homies. Throughout this weeklong gift from mother nature, our park and events crew managed to throw a killer rail jam. People flocked, tricks were busted and some cool cash and swag were handed out. If you werent there, thats a shame cause it went off, so make sure you check out our next one on February 1st for more righteous good times and a solid chance at some solid cash.

More talk about this snow; With now the deepest base in BC (take that Whistler) our park crew will be working on building up or XL jump landings, and gettin those takeoffs a bit bigger so you can train for Sochi 2014...right? Olympics or not we'll be building up our XL jumps and putting the finishing touches on our 2010 lane to the left of the large. If you havent checked it out yet giver a look, two large jumps and opposing hips will be waiting to greet you on your daily laps real soon.

Telus Park 2014, Just Giver.




January 2nd, The New Year


Well thats a wrap for 2013 and in Telus Park itopening_jumps.jpg ended with a bang. Our park crew created what is said by many to be the best rail lines in Canada, and our park is now complete with the addition of our XL jumps and a heavy start to our 2010 Legacy Lane. The halfpipe is looking fresh, the boardercross track is already being trained on, the jumps send you to the moon, and our progressive rail line brings you back to earth all in the same private lift accessed park.

Did i forget to mention that every lift is spinning too? Sorry. Whatever your looking for Big White has to offer right now so be sure to book some time off work, pile your friends in a beat up old car, and get yourselve's to Big wont regret it.

Look forward to what else we have to offer as the season progresses and our park somehow continues to get better and better...Happy New Year! Wishing you all a stellar start to a stellar 2014.



December 21st, Night Rail Jam


Our first rail jam of the year is about to kick off under the lights of Telus Park. As our crew works hard to build the setup find the time to email [email protected] to lay claim to one of the 50 spots available to both skiers and boarders. Prizes vary from cool hard cash to awesome swag from One T, Long Collective and the Village Rider.

Get in to the Village Center Mall on Saturday the 21st from 12-3 PM to sign your waivers and pay the entry fee to lock yourself a spot in this not to be missed event. Competitors under 19 must have parent or guardian signatures to enter and helmets are mandatory.

Whether your competing or spectating this is an event not to be missed, bring your friends and family and watch it all go down this Saturday in Telus Park.




December 13th, New Features

With the snow that's fallen TP-Railjam4-21.jpgour groomers and park crew have been working hard to install new features and get a head start on the construction of our XL jump's, halfpipe and snowcross course. Our 14x14 elbow rail and our 16ft rainbow rail have been installed at the bottom of our large lane and riders have taken to them by storm throwing down all sorts of flips and combo's on them both.

More snow is in the forecast (fingers crossed) which will allow us to open more XL features and add to our small and medium progression park. Stay tuned to what happens next and dust your camera's off for Christmas break as Telus Park goes off for the holday season...

Be sure to check out our video section for a more visual view of what we've got goin down.


December 3rd, Let it snow...

Telus Park-grooming

After a stellar opening day full of sunshine and good times, 40+cm's has blessed the mountain and Telus Park completely covering up any signs that its going to be a slow snow season.

As our park crew rests up after an exhausting 2 weeks of work and building, our cat driver is just getting started... Work on our XL jump platforms is coming along nicely and if the snow continues we hope to continue building the park with the early development of Medium - Large jumps.

Keep your eyes peeled to the site and feel free to have a chat with one of our friendly park staff to get the latest updates on whats happening in Telus Park! Booooyaaaa


Nov 29th, TELUS Parks earliest opening in history!

Rail Jam 2

Heavy snowfall and one of the earliest resort openings ever has lead us to this exciting announcement, TELUS Park will officially open on Friday November 29th with a full park and a variety of features ranging from Small to Extra Large.

Our park crew has been working hard to refurbish every feature and we are excited to show off what we have acquired over the summer. Weather pending we will have a BBQ and giveaways on Saturday to get everyone stoked for the weekend!

We can't wait and we're sure you can't either so spread the word and get out to the only full park in the Interior!