An Eventful Season

It was one for the records. One of the strangest seasons North America had ever experienced has wound down and come to a close. Heavy snowfalls, record rainfalls and everything in between put the Winter of 2014/15 one we will be sure never to forget. Although things were inconsistent at times, we here at the TELUS park feel that we put our best foot forward in trying to keep at least one stable thing in your life, the park. Through countless hours of building, welding and shaping, we turned out a park that could not be compared against any in the region. We constructed a canvas that was able to play part to a variety of events ranging from small BX races that introduced the youth to competition, all the way up to globally recognized events persuing style and originality in the most seasoned veterans. If you were one of the few that wasnt able to participate in one of our event spectacles, dont fret! Next season has already started to be planned with bigger and better goals to be achieved. With dreams of powder days and slushy park's lingering in our heads...we will all be sure to miss the allures of Big White and its seemingily endless surprises. So don't worry, we'll be back, but for now, just live on those memories that will never be forgotten...and make way for new adventures, just on the horizon.


Getting There

Willie Nelson - On the Road Again

As the two week countdown draws closer, we at the TELUS park are all feeling the strain of being on the road again. For some, its excitement at the prospects of the new adventures, for others, confusion, as their lives blow in the wind like Autumn leaves tumbling down a country road. What is life without snow? Is it both comforting and relaxing, knowing that our aching bodies get 6 months of rest before going through the pots and pans cycle of a powder filled ski season. Or is it warm, sticky, and unsettling, knowing that our precious and beloved equipment, will stay locked away in a dark closet steadily longing for the thril of barreling down the side of a mountain once again. Either way, we must accept it as a reality we cannot escape, and rather as a reality that we must embrace. Summer isn't all that bad is it? Warm weather, skimpy clothing, beach days, long days and even longer nights. Yeah...Summer isn't that bad...

But while we try and find the positives in the coming Summer months, lets not forget what season it really is in the mountains. WINTER. With two weeks left there is still plenty of time to get those new tricks, finish your season edit and just plain enjoy the two best sports on this entire planet. So go on, grab your keys and get out on the road again, because sometimes, you dont realise what you've got, until its gone...


Slush City

With a recent heatwave hitting the majority of the Pacific North-West, Big White and the TELUS park have been experiencing beautiful Spring weather with warm temp's, bluebird days, and plenty of slush to keep everyone in good spirits. While other parks have melted out and are sacrificing features to save what they have, Big White has put up a blazing four round fight to keep every lane open, every feature intact, and everything else in downright beautiful shape. Don't be persuaded by golf, early bikini showings and the dreaded Spring cleanup of your yard, get up to the land of the free, home of the brave, Big White...and its everlasting candle in the wind, TELUS park.


Spring Break

With Spring  Break just around the corner, Telus Park has been decked out to its fuil potential. Over 50 features scatter the 50 acre park and with warm weather, it couldnt be the better time to get it. Come check it out!

Spring Sessions and Liberty x Telus Park from Big White Telus Park on Vimeo.

Lets Kick it

Suns out buns out and Spring has definitely sprung. As our park has progressed into the best its ever been, some suprises on our events scene is leading to the most exciting end to the season we've ever seen. Due to some unforseen circumstances, Mt Seymour had to pass up one of their most covetted event series, the Vans High Standard. Its no random call that Big White was the next resort to step in and take over this massive ode to style and snowboarding. With the most snowpack, biggest park and best vibes in BC, Big White was the best choice for Vans to bring their massive boot. All the information for the festivities on March 28th can be found on our events page here and on the Vans site here. Register by printing out the online form and bringing it in on event day.

Although we're all giddy about the Vans event, we cant forget about the Neil Edgeworth! Coming back for its 18th year this legendary race through the gully plays host to over 270 competitors. Hailed as the most fun and not to miss event at Big White, it brings back people year after year from all over the PNW. Riders of all ages and ability levels welcome, be sure not to miss this truly unique snowboard event taking place on March 20th - 22nd. Registration is open now, follow this link for all the information and to signup.

Lastly on our list of events are the BCSA Slopestyle and BX Finals on the 7th and 8th, as well as another stop in our Night Rail Jam series on the 14th. The best young snowboarders have been travelling the West all winter long to prove their skills against fierce competition in both Slopestyle and Boardercross. It has all boiled down to their final stop of the year coming up shortly on the 7th at Big White. These athletes are putting it all in to walk away the season championship so come out and watch them in the park this coming weekend. 

And during Spring Break? We have another edition of our night time Rail Jam series presented by One T Apparel happening on the 14th. Everyone is welcome in this jam format competition held on a custom built setup sepcifically for this event. Come ride or watch as some of the best riders around go head to head for cash and glory. More information can be found on our events page here.

Ramble On

Ramble On - Led Zeppelin

Sunshine and the great outdoors, two of the best things about Spring. Luckily for us its Spring right now! Birds are chirping, squirrels are forraging, and I even heard there was a bobcat hanging out in snowpines somewhere searching for domestic house pets. The past week has held some huge boardercross races with youth as young as 7 competing all the way up to X Games gold medalists, if you didnt catch any of the action, you missed out. Or did you? Cause if you missed out, you were probly too busy lapping our prestigious rail line, or possibly taking a cool 5 on our triple jump line, or maybe even discovering all the hidden hits built throughout the trees. Whatever you've been doing, we hope you've been having fun, because fun is what it's all about up here. Although the Telus Park hosts all sorts of competitive events, at the heart of it is a laidback relaxed atmosphere where any rider can come in and not worry about people judging them. As the season is winding down, and you've found yourself avoiding the park for who knows what reason, we here in the Telus Park encourage you to come see what you've been missing. 



plural noun: consistencies
  1. 1.
    conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.

Consistency in this world, is becoming seemingly harder to obtain on a day to day basis. Rapid fluctuations in fuel prices, product recalls, government bill passings, and extreme weather changes are all things that are causing inconsistencies in our individual lives. Most importantly to the people that live for and live in the snow, the rapid weather changes and unpredictable seasons are becoming a growing concern. Massive storms on the eastern seaboard of North America have caused chaos throughout the normally tame Winter season, while massive droughts and unseasonably warm termperatures have shattered the dreams of many skiers and farmers on the West Coast. It seems as though while many industries and corporations ignored the warnings of Climatoligists and the mocked Al Gore, we cannot ignore the complications of our squalor.

Luckily for the land dwellers of the Okanagan and the many lucky visitors to the area, Climate Change hasn't interupted our seasons. As one of the only resorts in BC not to be strongly affected by the ever unpredictable weather patterns, Big White has excelled as a leader in the Canadian resort industry. Warm weather has brought massive snowflakes, comfortable riding temperatures, soft terrain parks and a perfect party atmospheres. While times are changing, and the worlds weather patterns can't be relied on like the years past, we must embrace what it is becoming and not criticize it for what it was. Book your plane tickets, grab the kids, and get out here on the slopes, because who knows, the snow might not be around forever.

INFLIK x GOOSEFIENDS @ Big White from Big White Telus Park on Vimeo.

Winter in the Passing Lane

As it comes to the end of the month and the days pass by leading to February, the season we call Winter is appearing more tropical by the minute. Warm temperatures and blue sky's have left us all with a little more Vitamin D, as we've shralped our way across the mountains and celebrated the holidays of our crazy friends from down under. Now all this warm weather has been great...but lets be honest, WE NEED POW! If your one of the unlucky souls that isn't situated up at Big White, you might need that pow a little more than us (RIP). The park has been getting filled by wall rides, DFD's, jib trannys, stunt ditches and speed booters to keep everyone out there satisfied...but the problem is satisfying ourselves... More features are on the bill to go in by the weekend (Jan 31st), including the new waterfall feature we were using pictures of for preseason stoke. All the best of our fresh lineup will be put in for our upcoming rail jam with One T Apparel on the 31st! Dont miss out, 15$ entry, CASH PRIZING and gear from ONE T APPAREL, this is a jam not to be missed if you have a fondness for good times (who doesnt right?). One T will also be on hand selling gear if your looking to get into some new hotness. While your home ountain may be dwindling, its only getting better out here in the Telus Park. Dont be fooled, its not too late to pack the van, grab some macaroni salad, and get yourselves in gear for a road trip to the Interiors biggest terrain park. Get to it!


Greased Lightning


Weekends sure go by fast dont they? Here at Big white it wasnt just because we were having so much darn fun, it was also because the IPC boardercross athletes were so darn fast. Seriously, these athletes have been touring the globe, some still running on their high from competing at the 2014 Paralympic winter games, and absolutely destroying every course they can get their boards on. While Big White is always proud to host world class athletes and events, we were extra proud to host the very first IPC Banked Slalom event. Snaking its way from the top of our course, through a superpipe ditch and back through our berms and jumps,this brand new event went off without a hitch and showed good promise that this could be part of every future IPC event. We have more events coming up so be sure to always check out events calendar for whats coming. Our park crew has also been focusing on rebuilding and focusing on keeping our status as the best park in the Interior. A new Oakley wallride feature has been installed that is sure to cause some puckering out there on the slopes, and the XL jumps are being prepped for a complete overhall on our 3 jump line. Bigger things are happening in the Telus Park than anywhere else you can drive too, so get in your car, and get at er! This seasons moving fast.

Blue Sky

The past days have brought use favorable weather, favorable events, and some favorable attitudes to get some serious building done. The past weekend Telus Park played host to our first BCFSA ski competition. Athletes as young as 7 came to compete from across BC, Alberta and the Yukon on our freshly finished half pipe, and our tried and tested slopestyle course. Warm weather and patches of blue kept everyone in good spirits and pushed them to step it up against their competition. After a long weekend our crews took a night off and then went hard into a 12 feature rebuild of our park on Monday. Our top of large has had a drastic facelift, as well as our top of small lane by adding in new features and combo's to flow some freshness into the Telus Park. Thursday marks the start of our 3rd annual IPC Para World cup event which features the addition of a banked slalom course that will snake through our old superpipe. Come check out whats going on and what you've already missed with the addition of new features!


BCFSA Slopestyle @ Telus Park from Big White Telus Park on Vimeo.

January 8th, Events On the Horizon

With the new year well on its way, the event season has kicked into high gear at Big White. Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Snowcross even rail jams are set to go down this month in a big way. Coming up this weekend on the 10th is our first annual ski pipe/slope event. Riders from all over BC and the North will descend on our expertly built park to duke it out for a spot at the top. Following right after our slopestyle things get a little faster with our IPC Para World Cup Race held on our world class snowcross track. This event is not to be missed as the best athletes in the world go head to head on the 2nd tour stop of the year. More snowcross action will happen on the 24th with a Western division ski cross race barreling down our course, followed by our renonwned night time rail jam series on the 31st. Our rail jams are not to be missed by either rider or spectators, presented by One T Apparel and with cash prizing, things are sure to heat up.

Michelle Salt came and paid us a visit the other day aswell as she readies herself for the IPC race in Aspen Colorado. Check what she has to say about Big White and be sure to catch her in the action on January 16th as she battles the best on our own snowcross course. 

Michelle Salt trains for Para World Cup from Big White Telus Park on Vimeo.

Holiday Wrapping

With thoughts of sugar plums, egg nog and the inevitable lumps of coal that appear in your stocking each year, we rejoice that the holiday season is swiftly coming to an end. 2014 was a year to remember ; Deadly ebola sweeping the world with fear, plane crashes mysteriously vanishing into thin air, and of course, Shawn White dropping out of Olympic Slopestyle (still not cool). While 2014 was not perfect, it was still a righteous time. Powder was slashed, park's were torn apart, and some of the best times with the best people were had every single day. So go on, grab your gear, get a resolution, and get at it, cause you know it can only get better right? Bring on the new year with style.

And oh yeah, check out Bryce Bugera's day at Big White, and get inspired.

Holiday Hot Laps with Bryce Bugera // Telus Park from Big White Telus Park on Vimeo.

Park is Growing..

With a full small/medium lane built, our crews are working hard and installing L/XL features nightly, come check out what we've got!

Telus Park Open For Business from Big White Telus Park on Vimeo.



Its been a long hard journey to here, but we've made it! The Telus Park is in full swing with 25+ features installed for opening weekend. The recent weather changes are bringing a bounty of fresh powder to the resort, which can only mean that a bounty of new features will be soon coming to the park. Along with the various rails and boxes, our boardercross track is pumping out the rollers and just about ready for you to challenge santa in an all out high stakes race to the bottom. Await the announcement of our halfpipe opening and have a check out our upcoming slopestyle event happening just after the Christmas holidays. Merry Shredding!

No Snow? No Worries...

Snow dances, late night gear sacrifices, not even strange pagan rituals have helped in bringing that sweet sweet nectar we call snow. In light of such circumstances, we at the Telus Park have decided to charge ahead, and blow off the fact that snow is scarce. We've fired up the snow guns, busted out our ol faithful snowcat, and started pushing around what snow we have to get a gorgeous looking park ready for this coming weekend. Now I know i've said this before, but ya gotta trust me. We let Ullr push us around last week, but this week is our round, and we're gonna walk away with the championship belt. In the words of stereotypical announcers from around the world...LETS GET READY TO RUMMMMMMBLE!!!


December 5th, Bring Jah Powder                 

website.jpgAs fast as it went. opening day went off without a hitch and now we all sit waiting for the next snowfall. Hmm..where is that next snowfall? This past week has brought freezing tropical conditions to Big White Ski Resort, -20..and clear blue skies? Pretty neat, but we all think its pretty strange and are ready for it to go away so we can build that luxuriously smooth, great tasting, Telus Park. Snow is expected for the rest of the weekend and the park crew is preparing to get moving on construction this Monday. What does that mean for you? It means your only a week away from riding the biggest and best park in the Interior. Start stretching now...your gonna want to be nice and loose for this one.




November 29th, Opening Day

 Mother nature has blessed us with enough snow to get you out and about on the hill again..the wait is finally over and thankfully, the boys have been building. Check out the preview for our opening weekend park setup built just for for you...

Big White Opening Day Preview from Pats Pictures on Vimeo.

The Final Countdown...

A great song by the band Europe...But on another note, it is also the final countdown till the day where people of all ages can rejoice...celebrate...get the one and only...Telus Park. Our crews have been working furiously to get everything ready in preperation for the monumentous event that is, Big White 2014. Dust off your boards and start planning to skip whatever engagements you have commited too on November 27th...Because this gonna be big.