RBC Riders Day

December 30th, 2011

RBC Riders is a young and exciting program executed by Canada~Snowboard and the Provincial/Territorial Snowboard Associations, with support from principal sponsor Royal Bank of Canada. RBC Riders competition was developed to fill a gap in the availability of grassroots competitive snowboarding events. It is a national event series that combines snowboarding basics with fun competition and designed for kids of all ages who are interested in experiencing an introduction to competitive snowboarding. Participants will be divided into age groups and abilities. We will be hosting a Slopestyle event in our progressive small lane of the TELUS Park, this is a great day to meet new friends and have fun. For more information on how you or your kids can start out in the exciting world of competitive snowboarding and to register in the RBC Riders, visit www.bcsnowboard.com.

The second RBC event is January 23rd, 2012.


8am - 9am: Registration in the Village Centre Mall
9am - 12pm: Coaching in the TELUS Park

12pm - 1pm: Lunch on your own

1pm - 3pm: Fun competition in TELUS Park (with coaching)
3:30pm: Awards in the Village Center Mall 

Entry Fees:

$30.00 for non-Provincial members
$20.00 for Provincial members
$30.00 for non-Provincial members
$20.00 for Provincial members

Results and Photos for the 1st RBC event will be posted on December 31st, 2011.