2013 IPC Para-Snowboard World Cups

March 25th - 29th

We are very excited to host two Para-Snowboarding World Cups during the same week as the SportChek Canadian Snowboard Cross Championships.  We welcome the world of Para Athletes to Big White to compete in the World Cups.  With Para Snowboarding being added to the roster in Sochi in 2014, the competition is sure to be fierce!

Para-snowboard events include male and female athletes with a physical disability such as spinal injury, cerebral palsy, amputation, and visual impairments. Athletes compete based on their functional ability, allowing athletes with different disabilities to compete against each other.

Competition Format

Athletes with a physical disability in snowboarding compete in a single-person, also known as “sling shot”, snowboard cross event. The sling-shot format consists of a “best-of” 2 or 3 time trial runs. Para-snowboarding athletes compete on the same course as able-body snowboard cross events with some modifications.

A sling-shot snowboard cross format provides a combination of both race and freestyle elements, while challenging the athletes regardless of their disability.




Para-Snowboard World Cup


Monday, March 25th

Arrival/Sign In

Arrival/Sign In

TC Meeting

Tuesday, March 26th



TC Meeting/Workshop

Wednesday, March 27th



TC Meeting/Workshop

Thursday, March 28th

13-14 Qual/Finals

World Cup #1

TC Meeting/Workshop

Friday, March 29th

Jr Qual/Finals

World Cup #2

TC Meeting/Banquet

Saturday, March 30th

Sr Qual/Finals