Big White Geo Hiking is a great adventure for people of all ages, and the perfect way to explore the mountain terrain.

This FREE GPS Scavenger Hunt challenges you to use your navigation skills to find the location of our hidden treasure boxes. Each box contains a novel. Your task is to collect all of your assigned book pages and then return to the Village for the prizing ceremony. 

Every team wins a prize - the more pages you find, the better your chance of winning some great prizing! 

Compete by yourself or get a team of up to 5 people together. Either way, you’re in for a great day exploring the alpine. 

Alongside Geo hiking, we have plenty of activities over the weekend to keep the whole family entertained. Check out live music on the Village stage from 1pm, a family fun carnival running throughout the day, plus the Big White bike park! 


Please note: Lift tickets may be purchased at the Ticket Office in the Village Centre Mall (tickets are not required for this activity). 

Registration on the day will be open from 10:00am until 2:00pm at the Concierge Desk , also located in the Village Centre Mall. 

The award ceremony begins at 3:30pm on the Village Stage. Please keep this in mind when participating in Geo hiking as you will need to be present to collect your prize. 

For more information please email

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