Dry Champagne Powder and Stunning Terrain

Snowboarders keep coming back to experience the variety of runs, from the exhilarating glades to the steep chutes at Gem Lake.

Big White's TELUS Park terrain park boasts a snowcross course, rail park, Minipipe, and varios sized jumps. TELUS Park is a winter playground like no other. Snowboarders will love the lights for night riding, boarder cross, big booters, and the double chair for faster access.  
Big White has a long history in the sport of snowboarding with the first riders coming to Big White in 1983. Big White has developed such riders as:
  • Flynn Seddon - early days World Cup rider,
  • the famous Doug Lundgren whose wind-lip air blew minds in the early days on the pages of Transworld Snowboard magazine,
  • Karlene Jefferies, five time World Champion, queen of the Alaskan Big Mountain contest,
  • Carlee Baker, X-Games Boardercross competitor,
  • Jason Moore, Kokanee National Boardercross Tour top five
  • How can we forget Sean Johnson and Neil Edgeworth, the founders of the Whiskey video series. Sean is now owner of Stepchild Snowboards, one of the industries only company never to sell out to the corporate image. Neil Edgeworth, who passed away in Chamonix in 1997, still lives on today with our annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom.

There are many more Big White riders who have made a name for themselves internationally and there will definitely be more to come.

Big White Ski Resort has supported the growth of snowboarding from those early days until the present era. Big White is a natural snowboarders paradise, the glades, gullies, tree lines and bowls create a natural skate park-like setting. Riders of all abilities can find terrain suited to their interests and needs.

From the original super park feature in 1997 Snowboarder Magazine to the recent development of TELUS Park, Big White is now in a new category when it comes to new school skiing and snowboarding. TELUS Park, with its own lift, night lights and the progressive park program that we integrate in all our feature construction makes, it a place any skier or rider can come to ride.

Big White supports the development of amateur snowboarding and the BC Provincial Snowboarding Association tour. Big White runs events that host grass roots development, provincial team growth and aspiring Canadian national snowboard athletes.

Big White has a proud history in the sport of snowboarding and will continue to push ahead to build a strong future in the sport. Big White appreciates all the local skiers and snowboarders, without whose support we would be just another mountain in the industry.