Special TV and High Speed Internet Offer for Big White Property Owners

Future Friendly Services for your home away from home at Big White Ski Resort

Big White Central Reservations and TELUS have teamed up to provide preferred pricing for the most sought after services for our guests – TV and Internet. Whether it is:

  • Watching the hockey game in stunning High Definition
  • Ordering the latest blockbuster movies on demand using your credit card on the spot through your TV**
  • Listening to your favorite commercial free music station on Galaxie or local radio station through your TV
  • Surfing the Internet and staying connected through your exclusive in-room wireless internet connection.

This special offer with TV and High Speed Internet is available for $549.95 per year (or equal to just $45.85 per month). To take advantage of this great offer, please fill out the attached form and fax it to Owner Relations at 250.491.6164 or email: BWTV@bigwhite.com

get Connected. stay Informed. be Entertained.

** unique to OPTIK TV – user purchases Movies on Demand through their personal credit card and is authorized during the time of purchase. Visa, MasterCard, American Express are accepted. The resident owner is not responsible for movie charges incurred by room guest. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is High Definition (HD)?
    HD is the newest standard for broadcasting and viewing TV programming. High Definition broadcasts offer clearer images in a wide-screen format at a much higher resolution than that of Standard Definition broadcasts typically offered by analog cable providers. TELUS strives to provide the most comprehensive channel offerings and will continue to offer additional channels in HD as they become available.

  • I do not have a HD Ready TV. Can I still subscribe to special TV/ ADSL bundle?
    Yes. All channels and TV content offered in HD are also available in Standard Definition.

  • My unit is rented out to guests. Will I be billed directly if they order Pay Per View (PPV) or Movies on Demand through my TV service?
    No, you (as the unit owner) will not be billed for any charges incurred for TV content ordered on demand. OPTIK TV service will prompt the end user to enter a valid credit card prior to viewing ordered content. If the credit card is valid, the end user will be charged on their credit card directly and the movie titles do not appear on your credit card statement. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Most prepaid VISA and MasterCards are also accepted.

  • How much is Movies on Demand Content?
    Content prices vary: $4 for children's content, $4 - $7 for blockbuster movies (in HD), plus HST.

  • Is entering my credit card information safe on OPTIK TV?
    Yes, TELUS TV has undergone the most rigorous PCI certification requirements to ensure credit card information used to make a movie purchased is not exposed or at risk.

  • What if my Digital Set Top Box breaks?
    All TELUS Digital Set Top Boxes are covered under a 3-year warranty under normal use. If your Digital Set Top Box breaks, we will dispatch a technician to install it for you and replace it at no additional charge.

  • Are there lower cost options available for the required Refurbished Digital Set Top Box?
    For a limited time, there are refurbished set top boxes available for purchase for $75 (while supplies last). Refurbished set top boxes are also covered under the same 3-year warranty under normal use.

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