Ski Cubs Ability Level Videos:

Level 1 – Ready Teddys
Level 2 – Eager Elephants

Ready Teddys
Beginner - This is my first time on skis. I will learn how to balance and walk on two skis. I will also learn how to straight run and stop without assistance on a gentle slope.

Eager Elephants
I can safely ride the magic carpet I can stand up straight with my equipment on and I can stop in control, maybe with an edgie wedgie. I’m learning to turn to slow myself down on gentle terrain.

Level 3 - Speedy Squirrels
Level 4 - Jumping Joeys

Speedy Squirrels
Intro to Plaza chairlift. I know chairlift safety rules and can ride a lift with some help. I am learning to stand up by myself, but sometimes need help. I am able to complete my turns by following my instructor. I can ski without an edgie wedgie. I’m almost an independent skier!

Jumping Joeys
I can ski all beginner runs in a class line. I enjoy games and adventures. I listen to and can follow directions. I can stand up on my own. I am an independent skier!