Have You Always Wanted to Learn How to Ski or Snowboard?  

We want to teach you for FREE! Purchase a Big White season pass and at no extra cost we will teach you
how - GUARANTEED! Take your FREE lesson (rentals included) by December 22nd and we guarantee to have
you turning safely and ready for the Plaza chair or we will keep working with you until you can.

Our Discover Packages & Next Step Programs are all designed as an introduction for beginners to the life-long sports of skiing and snowboarding. Big White's Ski and Board School employs some of the best instructors from all over the globe to boost your confidence and help you get the most from our world class terrain at any age. Big White’s experienced and caring pros will get you out on the slopes having fun in no time! 

This page is dedicated to showing you what Big White is all about, and what you can expect when you visit us. We love to ski and snowboard, but there is so much more to do here. Watch this video and see what we do on and off the slopes!

Big White’s New Gold Pass - Includes: We’ll Teach You How to Ski or Snowboard Guaranteed!

NEW FREE Gold Pass Discover Program - Don’t know how to ski or snowboard? Never tried? No problem! Purchase a Big White season pass and if you’ve never tried skiing nor boarding, at no extra cost we will teach you how - GUARANTEED! Take your FREE lesson (rentals included) by December 22nd and we guarantee to have you turning safely and ready for the Plaza chair or we will keep working with you until you can.

If you've never been skiing or snowboarding, this video will answer your questions, and let you know what to expect.  It will help you with how to get to Big White, what to wear, what to bring, and where to go when you arrive at Big White.  This is what your first day will be like.  Once we get your turning on the slopes, you'll be able to spend your family time together skiing and snowboarding at Big White in our Okanagan champagne powder!

The 'Gold Pass Discover Program' is offered to anyone 6yrs & up with a season pass who has never skied or snowboarded. If the whole family is new to the sport, the 1st lesson can even be taken as a family, all together. To get you prepared, we will host a pre-season orientation of equipment, sizing/fitting, clothing needs, and show you what to expect on your first day with our 'First Day' video. Lessons and rentals will need to be pre-booked and you also get a special offer on equipment purchases after learning to ski or snowboard from our great selection. Watch the video below to get a taste of what our beginner programs offer.

Click Here for information on Early Bird Gold Passes or Buy_ONline.jpg now.

Please fill out the form below to sign up for the new Gold Pass Discover Program, if you are signing up your family members, please submit a form for each person. One of our helpful Ski School staff members will contact you after October 14th to confirm registration and give you all the details you will need.

Ski Cubs Ability Level Videos:

Level 1 – Ready Teddys
Level 2 – Eager Elephants

Ready Teddys
Beginner - This is my first time on skis. I will learn how to balance and walk on two skis. I will also learn how to straight run and stop without assistance on a gentle slope.

Eager Elephants
I can safely ride the magic carpet I can stand up straight with my equipment on and I can stop in control, maybe with an edgie wedgie. I’m learning to turn to slow myself down on gentle terrain.

Level 3 - Speedy Squirrels
Level 4 - Jumping Joeys

Speedy Squirrels
Intro to Plaza chairlift. I know chairlift safety rules and can ride a lift with some help. I am learning to stand up by myself, but sometimes need help. I am able to complete my turns by following my instructor. I can ski without an edgie wedgie. I’m almost an independent skier!

Jumping Joeys
I can ski all beginner runs in a class line. I enjoy games and adventures. I listen to and can follow directions. I can stand up on my own. I am an independent skier!

Snowriders Board:

Level 1 - Groomers
Level 2 – Snow Surfers

Level 1 - Groomers
Beginner - This is my first time snowboarding.
Level 2 - Snowsurfers
Novice - I can do a straight run with a stop, I can also groom (or plow) the hill on my board. I can traverse the hill in both directions and can ride the Plaza chair.

Level 3 - Free Riders
Level 4 - Shredders

Level 3 - Freeriders
Intermediate - I can traverse in both directions on both edges now, and can stop while I’m traversing. I have learned how to turn with assistance from the instructor and can link my turns on an easy green run now.
Level 4 - Shredders
Advanced Intermediate - I know how to flex and extend properly through a turn, and can do big and little turns. I can control my speed and know how to use my edges better now, I can even do a 360° spin on the snow! I can link intermediate turns on blue runs now.

Some Tips For Beginners From The Ski & Board School:

As a newcomer to the exciting world of skiing and snowboarding, you will enjoy lots of new and interesting experiences. Everything here is geared towards making you a life-long skier or snowboarder!
The Big White Ski & Snowboard School employs some of the best instructors from around the world to help you get the most out of our world-class terrain. Combine that with a host of fantastic programs and full ski in, ski out accommodation, and we have what it takes to make the most of your experience!

Here are some of the common questions from our Beginner Tips:

Once I Arrive at Big White Where Do I Go?

Once you arrive at the resort, you will either “check in” at your hotel or at Central Reservations which is located downstairs in the Village Centre Mall (we call it the VCM for short, it's the big green building in the center of the village with the big clock tower). To speed up this process, please have your booking confirmation number and credit card ready for the reservations agent. During check-in be sure to pick up some brochures to help familiarize yourself with all there is to do at this world class resort, if you're not sure, ask the staff, it's their specialty.
If you are driving to the resort for the day, you should park in the Happy Valley parking lot which is on the right-hand side just after you drive past the Ridge Rocket, Snow Ghost, and Plaza chairlifts. From there, jump on Lara's Gondola for a free ride right to the center of the village.

The Village Centre Mall is located directly to your left as you step off the gondola. Here, you can purchase Tickets, Rentals, & Lessons from the designated counters on the main floor as well as clothing, gear, and souvenirs from any of our several retail stores here and around the village. If you're hungry after arriving, you can also taste some of what Big White has to offer at Beano’s Coffee shop or the Underground Pizzeria & Bakery.

Where Do I Start?
Before I Step Outside, What Should I Wear?
Do I Have to Take a Lesson?
What Can I Expect?