Calling all singles! Anyone dream of finding love on the most romantic day of the year? If you answered yes, we need you! If you aren't so sure, make sure you still join us for what is promised to be a very entertaining evening.

Happy Valley Day Lodge presents The Dating Game! We are putting the well known saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover' to the test by running a blind date game show.  With a curtain separating the guys from the girls, contestants will have to follow their hearts in the pursuit of love. 

We will be running two rounds, the first with one lucky guy asking questions to three lovely ladies to find his perfect match, then moving on to a lady having the choice between three hopeful fellas. 

Not brave enough to put yourself out there in front of a room full of people? Then why not sit back and enjoy $15 Okanagan Springs Jugs and cheer on those who are.


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