Let your creativity run wild and join in the fun with the Big White Colouring Contest. While it’s true, you have to be a kid to win prizes, there’s nothing stopping you from joining your kids at the colouring table and having some fun too – just make sure you share the red crayon!

The Big White Kids Store has the entry form colouring sheets that you can pick up and then drop off at the store between Sunday and Thursday by 3pm once they’re all coloured in. Every week there will be a new picture to colour and the winner will receive a Big White vest.

All of the entries will be proudly displayed on the walls leading upstairs to the Big White Kids store and the winner will be announced at the Thursday Night Carnival each week. For those who come to the fun Carnival nights, held in the Village Centre Mall, you’ll also find a colouring table set up and you can colour your creation right then and there!

Drop by the Big White Kids Store, located above the main ticket office in the Village Centre Mall, get out the crayons and start colouring. Oh, and please pass me the red one!