Living at Big White

To begin to describe what life at Big White Ski Resort is like, you have to imagine living in a ski village that accommodates over 16,600 people with some of the world’s best skiing and riding terrain all around you. The village is a world class winter community with recreational facilities that include a skating rink, a tube park, swimming pools, and many restaurants and bars. Staff can also enjoy a variety of activities specially designed just for them. A season at Big White could be the time of your life!

Cost of Living

The average entry level job at Big White has a starting wage of $9.00 - $10.25 per hour and most staff work from 32 to 40 hours per week.

The average employee pays from $475 to $550 per month for shared accommodations. This ranges from several friends renting a house to two to four folks renting a one-bedroom condo. To help you in your search here is a link for hostel information at Big White.

Big White’s winter season can start as early as mid October or as late as early December. Because of this, some time can pass between your successful job interview and your employment start date. To deal with this time you should come with sufficient money to carry you for at least one month.


The fall and early ski season are very busy times at Big White Ski Resort. Many prospective employees are arriving for job interviews and work. Also everyone is looking for a place to stay during the winter.

However, we still strongly recommend you arrive with pre-booked accommodation.

Staff Housing

Big White is pleased to offer a limited number of staff accommodation beds to our staff.

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Another option is to live in Kelowna, a city of 105,000 in the heart of one of Canada’s best wine and fruit growing areas. Excellent urban facilities, beautiful views of Lake Okanagan, and a great night life make Kelowna a perfect choice for those that cannot live without all of those city amenities.

A staff bus is available if you choose this option. The bus departs Kelowna bright and early every morning and returns to town just after the supper hour. Staff can pay for the bus on a single ride basis, so if your plans change; there’s no left over bus pass to deal with.

For more information on Kelowna check out