Ski Tips #010 – Focus


Where do you focus your vision when you’re sliding down the mountain? Oe of the things I’ve been noticing when I’m riding the chair lift and watching people skiing is that where they are looking is generally where they end up going. Seems pretty simple and logical doesn’t it? It is actually, but one of the more common traits among intermediate and even advanced skier is that they don’t look far enough ahead. I see a lot of people starring down at the tips of their skis. You don’t look at the hood ornament of your car when you’re driving down the road (I hope not!), watching your skis would be the same thing. Just like driving you want to look down the road or in this case down the slope. Keeping your chin up and your eyes scanning the trail as far ahead as you can will improve your overall balance and allow you to be more proactive in adjusting to the changing conditions. Here’s why; when you’re looking down at your skis it causes your upper body to roll to the inside ski and you lose edge grip. Looking across the slope will do the same thing. If you look down the hill that will allow you to stabilize your upper body and start your turn with your lower body. When you turn your lower body on a pair of skis you turn yourself into balance, when you turn with your upper body you turn yourself out of balance. Looking ahead also lets you anticipate the chances in terrain, snow conditions and even traffic. Being proactive is much better for balance than being reactive.

The skiing is great here at Big White, some of the best conditions so far this year, come on up and make the most of the spring and spend some time with a pro from the Big White Ski & Board School. See you on the mountain!

Josh Foster – Director of Snow Sports

Big White Ski School

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