Ski Tips #003 - Carving


Wow, we have had some beautiful blue bird days up here on the mountain lately, that combined with fantastic grooming makes me want to find a wide open space to lay my skis over and get some edge performance! I really like the feeling of carving my skis down the mountain wind in my face, sun beating…down all the great skiing cliché stuff!

How are you doing when it comes to ski performance or carving? Do your skis grip all the way through the turn? Or do they maybe break loose at the end of the turn and skid a little bit? If they carve all the way through the turn that’s great! Good for you! If you feel like the tail of the ski breaks loose at the end of the turn and you skid here’s something that you can try; look for some gentle flatter terrain to start with, something where the speed will be well within your comfort zone. Head straight down the slope with this goal in mind – the tail of the ski will follow the tip. You want to guide your ski through the turn so that the tall follows on the same path as the tip of the ski; it doesn’t take a wider path by washing out at the end.

To make this easier to achieve I use this visual cue on my mind, I picture my ski boots full of water; and I want to tip my boots over so that an equal amount of water would pour out of both boots right at the start of each turn. When I tip both boots over equally like that I get the same amount of edge grip with both skis and by simply tipping instead of pushing it allows my skis to track in a slightly straighter line so that the tail follows the tip, it doesn’t break loose and I’m carving.

Give that one a go, I hope it works for you. For help with this and much more, stop by and visit us at the Ski School desk at Big White to book a lesson with a Pro, you’ll be glad you did.


Josh Foster – Director of Snow Sports

Big White Ski Resort

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