Western Canada Open Ski Cross at TELUS Park: An Astounding Success!


Big White Ski resort was proud to host the Western Canada Open Ski Cross at TELUS Park over the weekend (January 18th and 19th).  The racers were more than impressed with the quality of the race tracks terrain in TELUS Park and the clear bluebird skies provided unlimited visibility for the entirety of the weekend. 

Big White Cuts the Ribbon to open The Loose Moose Emporium


Every kid’s shopping dream is about to come true in The Village Centre at Big White Ski Resort.  Loose Moose was there to cut the big red ribbon as The Loose Moose Emporium opened its doors for the first time this Saturday, December 21st. 



As the countdown continues for all of us to Jet set off to Big White the boys are becoming more excited.They have been checking out the web site for all the great activities available to them, apart from all the great skiing, things such as the kids ski school having its own ski run without any adults, apart from the instructors.

The Best Place to Stand

Skiing is a pretty dynamic sport, the snow conditions change throughout the day, the slope varies from run to run and the weather is also a pretty big factor that you often need to adjust to.  However, even with all these inconsistent elements there’s one consistent feeling that you can try to create that will help you deal with whatever the mountain throws at you.  Simply put, it’s standing in the middle of your downhill ski.

Big White Rally Weekend a Resounding Success!


Big White Ski Resort hosted the 6th annual Big White Rally that took place over the December 7th-8th weekend.  Organized by the West Coast Rally Association, the competing rally teams tested the limits of speed and braved the brisk cold, on surface terrain of: snow, ice, ridges and bumps.

Big White Bartender Ready To Compete Against Best of BC and Alberta


Big White for Three Generations


Well the real countdown is on, only 47 more sleeps until we arrive in Big White.  The kids are looking at the Website daily and have never seen so much snow growing up in Australia, and this early in the season.  The list of what to take is already well on the way, and so are questions from the kids, “how long will it take to get there” asked Nick, he’s my impatient one.  “How long are the runs and are there any jumps” asked Bradley, “the trees are different to our trees at the snow” was another question from Bradley, he is my more inquisitive and observant one.  Dave (Dad) is the sensible one, he is thinking what games, music and movies can we load onto electronic devises, along with inflight entertainment, for the flight over, as the excitement rises for us all.  Me, I am thinking I might need a new pair of Ski Boots, should I buy them here or there??

New Staff Arriving!


Every department has been busy training new staff. On Tuesday we hosted a mass Staff Orientation. All of the new staff learn about general safety rules, health and safety, human resources and of course, guest services. Michael J spends time instructing new staff about amenities at the resort and guest services.



The Count Down is ON!!


Here we are in November, or  as many guys now call it MOvember. November started out with a big snowfall! Over 30cm of snow on weekend and it's still snowing! Laughing Another big storm is hitting the resort today, 8cm in the last 12hrs!

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