Powder Day Secret

OK, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret but you have to promise not to tell anyone else. You know those big powder dumps we’ve been having lately? Well, sticking to the main runs, admittedly, the fresh un-tracked stuff down the middle only lasts for a few runs before everyone has already skied through it and while you can still find un-tracked fresh powder on the far edges, where there are a lot of other Powder-Hounds out there with you, even that can diminish. There is usually plenty to be found in the trees for those who comfortable heading to the inbound glades, but not everyone likes skiing in the trees.

So the question is, where you can go to still find powder?


Try Mustang Sally!

If you like skiing at Gem Lake, then try heading over to Mustang Sally. You might also find some left on Snowy, Blue Moon and even Fourth Ace. Because these runs are at the far edge of Big White’s boundaries and take a bit of traveling to get to, they are often forgotten about and it’s where I tend to still find fresh un-tracked powder right through the day.

But don’t tell anyone else, OK? And save some for me!

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