Lara's Gondola Haul Rope Splice



One of the major projects for this summer is splicing the Lara's Gondola haul rope. A few facts about the haul rope:

  • Manufactured in Romanshorn Switzerland by Fatzer
  • Manufactured and installed in 2000
  • This is the second time the haul rope has been shortened
  • The haul rope has a diameter of 42mm
  • It is a 6 x 25 filler wire with polypropylene core
  • It is a right lay rope


This time we are removing 2.4 m from the length of the rope. This week our millwrights prepped the haul rope for the splice. The first step was actually lots of paperwork and reviewing of paperwork........

The first step out in the field was moving the cabins into the stations. Next the millwrights located the splice and marked it with flagging tape. Then the haul rope was moved so the splice would be in the correct location for the new splice.




Then the tension was released from the system to allow slack in the haul rope. Then the lift is locked out so it can't move. Next the haul rope is lowered to the ground.




Rigging is set up to pull slack in the haul rope. Saw horses are placed under the haul rope to keep it off the ground. Next Wednesday and Thursday a splicer who specializes in Fatzer ropes will be here at Big White to do the splice.



Happy Canada Day! Don't forget to wear your red and white! You can pick up a Canada Day t-shirt at the Big White Kelowna Office.

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