So as Heather and I have mentioned it has certianly changed up here in terms of weather. We have almost officially kicked into “winter mode” up here as we get ready for the start of the season.

Our first round of seasonal employees started last week in a number of departments up here. They are all super stoked to be here, bringing the enthusiasm and excitement of working at Big White for winter! It also means we finally have some more neighbours up here which is great. From here on in the training for the upcoming season begins, and more and more people will be arriving every week to start their new adventure living on the mountain. By the time the resort is due to open, we will be in full swing and ready to help you all with your needs on your visit with us!

If you are thinking about joining us to experience one of the best lifestyle’s you can hope for, we still have plenty of job openings available. Be sure to visit our employment center. There is a wide range opportunities still available including, repair shop technicians, retail, rentals, ski school, kids centre, ski patrol, ticketing, outdoor ops, and guest services! you can apply online for any of the positions available on the website. Just be sure to be in Kelowna for the Job fair on the 15th and 16th of October. (Scheduled interviews will be held on Friday October 15th, and drop-in times are available on Saturday October 16th between 9am and 1pm.)

This year’s job fair will take place at the Best Western Hotel Kelowna – 2402 Highway 97 North. Good luck to those of you applying to work here and I hope to see you up here in the next couple of months! If you have any general questions about life on the mountain, please comment and I will happily answer your queries!