It’s spring but it’s still winter at Big White!

It’s spring but it is still winter at Big White! Spring break is in full swing and the mountain has hosted a big weekend of events. The retail chain store West 49 brought up 6 contestants who were chosen from an online contest for a weekend in our winter wonderland of snowboarding and fun. Billabong set them up with head to toe gear, and the grand prize was a 2011 Mitsubishi RVR! They had to hang out all weekend waiting until Sunday for the chance to win the vehicle. Katelyn Fagan, one of the contestants said, “I’m so excited I feel sick! My stomach is in knots!”

The Mitsubishi waited in the center of the village Sunday while the contestants each chose a watch case. One of the 6 cases had a key, while the rest had Life Saver candies, which were opened one at a time. The first 2 cases were opened to reveal life savers. Jennifer was third to open her case and it held the key! She screamed with excitement and jumped around then started up the key to her brand new ride.

Cam Thomson, West 49 Promotions and special events manager commented, “12,000 people entered online to have a chance to be here and 6 were chosen to come to Big White, and Jenny won the car. The contestants are loving Big White and “It’s the snow” is definitely a perfect slogan for this mountain.”
Further up the slopes was the 14th Annual Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom. This all-snowboarding event began in 1987 as the Inland banked slalom. In 1997 Neil Edgeworth was killed tragically by an avalanche in France, and the event was named after him. This is one of the oldest running banked slaloms in North American, and has become a gathering of friends and pro riders from all over the continent.
Over 200 riders came out to participate, a huge banquet was held in the Happy Valley day lodge with over $2500 in prizes going out to top places. “Although the prize money is a great win, everyone’s favorite prize is still Mrs. Edgeworth’s hand-made scarves” Said Flynn Seddon, Direct of Terrain Parks.

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