Earth Hour - March 31st


What are you planning on doing for Earth Hour this year? At Big White, we’re hoping people will participate and we’re encouraging everyone to switch off the lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

Whether your turning off the lights so you can get to bed early to wake up for fresh tracks in the morning or just unplugging so you can sit and enjoy candle light with your loved ones, the goal is to get as many people as possible to participate in this annual event.

Lots of skeptics ask, what good does turning the power off for one hour do? Actually, it does a lot! Not only is there a lot of energy saved when everyone participates, but it makes you a little more aware of the strain we put on the system during the rest of the year. How many lights do you really need to have on in your condo or cabin? Do you really need a TV when you’re up on the hill or is it nicer to just sit and talk about the day you’ve had skiing?

To celebrate the day, the Globe Café & Tapas Bar will be hosting a special dinner by candlelight during Earth Hour and will be serving half price coffee to anyone who brings their own cup.

Earth Hour first started in Australia in 2007 and is now recognized around the world.

So, dig out your camping lantern, light some candles or drop by the Globe and help celebrate Earth Hour at Big White.

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