Comfy Ski Boots at Dizzy's


When the snow starts piling up outside your window and sunshine peaks in,all you want to do is be outside skiing in the powder.  If the thought of how much your ski boots are going to hurt is stopping you from going then you need to read this.

Here at Big White Ski Resort, we don’t believe pain should be synonymous with skiing.  Thanks to some amazing new technology in Dizzy’s, a ski and board shop here on the mountain, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fischer has come up with a revolutionary new concept to accommodate skiers. Their new system now actually molds the entire outer shell of the boot to your foot and Big White is presently the only resort in the BC Interior to offer this technology.

Lindsay Bennett, manager of Dizzy’s explains, “This machine allows us to mold a boot to your foot that takes into account how far apart you like to have your feet when you ski, where you need to be standing in the boot to centre your weight, so that when the shell is finally molded around your foot and you step off the machine, you’re completely stance neutral, balanced for and aft at whatever stance width you’ve chosen.”

The result of having such a perfect fitting boot, aside from the comfort factor, is that then the bottom of your boots will be flat so you’re running a dead flat ski, which Bennett says, makes it so that any movement you make or effort you put into the ski is translated immediately. “Then you’re not fighting the boot,” he says, “making your response quicker and faster.”

It takes approximately half an hour to get the boots properly molded and then they need another 12 hours to slowly cool and cure before you can wear them. After that, the plastic continues curing for another three to four days but you can ski in them.

 “Another big plus, the boots are 15% lighter than any comparable boots,” says Bennett.

Dizzy’s is open every day until the ski hill closes and is located in the Village across from the Village Centre Mall. Stop in and check out this new ski boot technology for yourself.


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