Bike Racing and Snowmaking

Yep, you read that correctly. What do bike racing and snowmaking have in common, absolutely nothing, other than they are together in this blog.....

Excavator_-_snow_gun.JPG Snowgun.JPG


So those of you familiar with Big White will know that Mother Nature blesses us with an abundance of wonderful, light fluffy champagne powder. So you are probably asking what's with the snowmaking? Well the snowmaking is just in the TELUS Park. Having manmade snow helps us get the boardercross course and the half pipe open earlier. New for this season we are installing a new fan type snowmaking gun on the lower portion of the boardercross by the half pipe. This means there will be up to three guns at a time working in TELUS Park.

This weekend Big White is hosting the first stage of the Intrepid Bike race. Riders will be leaving Kelowna at 6:30 am on Friday and making their way to the village at Big White. If you want to watch the finish of the race, that is in the village at Big White. Riders are expected to arrive at Big White between noon and 3:30pm.


For more information about the race: 

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