Big White Rally Weekend a Resounding Success!


Big White Ski Resort hosted the 6th annual Big White Rally that took place over the December 7th-8th weekend.  Organized by the West Coast Rally Association, the competing rally teams tested the limits of speed and braved the brisk cold, on surface terrain of: snow, ice, ridges and bumps.

Big White Bartender Ready To Compete Against Best of BC and Alberta


New Staff Arriving!


Every department has been busy training new staff. On Tuesday we hosted a mass Staff Orientation. All of the new staff learn about general safety rules, health and safety, human resources and of course, guest services. Michael J spends time instructing new staff about amenities at the resort and guest services.



The Count Down is ON!!


Here we are in November, or  as many guys now call it MOvember. November started out with a big snowfall! Over 30cm of snow on weekend and it's still snowing! Laughing Another big storm is hitting the resort today, 8cm in the last 12hrs!

Job Fair!



Happy Canadian Thanksgiving


All of us here at Big White Ski Resort would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. The weather is changing, snow is falling and we are getting ready for a new season! The Cen Res staff got outside to enjoy a great Canadian pastime, a snowball fight! On Tuesday we had an autumn blizzard come through the resort and dump snow. Looks nice and snowy!

Responsibility Codes

Like most things in life skiing & snowboarding have rules to play by. There are three codes that help us play safely in the mountain environment. For alpine skiing and snowboarding there is the Alpine Responsibility Code, Nordic skiing has the Cross Country Code and Big White Ski Resort supports the Burton Smart Style Program in the Terrain Park. All of the codes exist to make the mountain environment a safe and fun place for all to enjoy.

Snow & Cyclocross

Yes for the second week in a row we are talking about snow and biking! This time the snow is the natural kind, the gift from Mother Nature and instead of a road bike race it's a cyclocross. So now you are probably wondering what is a cyclocross?

Bike Racing and Snowmaking

Yep, you read that correctly. What do bike racing and snowmaking have in common, absolutely nothing, other than they are together in this blog.....

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