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Big White custom boot fitter's collection traces ski progression
~ By Steven Threndyle

Big White custom ski-boot fitter Lindsey (Dizzy) Bennett has seen a lot of ski boot trends come and go since he began managing the retail locations up at Big White Ski Resort east of Kelowna.

Bennett has such a boot fetish that he’s displayed many pivotal, game-changing designs in a sort of “boot museum” type shrine in Dizzy’s; his newest retail venture. Walk through the doors and you’ll see boots which date as far back as the '40s and '50s. His oldest pair is an old leather army boot from the early 1940s. The museum also holds the very first plastic Lange boot, made popular in the 1970s and is the style that we now sport today.

It’s a living catalogue of the evolution of boot companies throughout the decades and really goes to show the direction boots have gone.

After all, Bennett says, “you don’t pick the boot, the boot picks you!” And right now, Big White’s king of boot fitting is wearing a pair of K2’s, “but they change every single year!”

You can get fitted and walk away with your own custom fit boots from Dizzy’s though you might want to stay away from those original Langes, unless you want to bang up your shins.



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