Drone Filming Service comes to Big White


Big White Ski Resort and Cape Productions have brought a brand-new drone filming service to the resort.

Skiers and snowboarders of all abilities can now be filmed by a drone as they make their way across the mountain, and receive a professionally edited video to show off to family and friends.

From the 17th through to the 22nd of March, skiers and snowboarders can simply turn up to the Powder Keg run and pick up a wearable tracking device from the Cape Productions dome. The drone launches by itself and automatically follows the skier or snowboarder as they make their way down the mountain, filming as it goes.

Cape Productions edits the footage to turn it into a professional highlight reel, adds a soundtrack and sends the link of the edited video to the user within 72 hours. The video can be downloaded, sent to family and friends or uploaded to social media platforms:

The service costs CAD $64 (or US $50) and users can do as many runs with the drone as they'd like. Customers can pay at the top of Powder Keg.

Cape Productions Inc. is a fully-funded startup in Silicon Valley. They aim to change the way that extreme sports athletes across all skill levels capture and experience video footage of their favorite pastimes. The CEO and Founder is Jason Soll, who attended Stanford Graduate School of Business and interned at Google.

Big White Ski Resort is British Columbia’s second most popular winter resort, experiencing over 600,000 skier visits per year. While other resorts continue to worry about snow or have had to close due to lack of snow, Big White Ski Resort is scheduled to remain open until Sunday April 12th at 4pm.   

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