Top Ski Villages in Canada

Top ski villages in Canada

The Flake District

Daily Mirror - No Snow ProblemsRead this Daily Mirror article discussing "While some resorts struggle, Big White has never had a problem with snow".

" the resort itself, it’s a name that does not mislead. This extra­ordinary phenomenon is the result of the unique snow conditions on the higher slopes of this family-friendly resort in western Canada where nature provides as much fun as any man-made attraction ever could. Take the Snow Ghost Express chairlift (what else?), ski between the trees and set your mind free about the images you can see formed by the dry and light snow sticking layer upon layer to the trees through the winter."

Ice Tower at Big White

Beth Climbing

Photo: Beth scaling the Ice Tower at Big White

More B.C. Resorts Open for Skiing and Riding!

Check out this article by Becky Lomax from - Definitely worth a look for the powder video in the article!

Cars Zooming Around Big White

Check this castanet news story about Big White's Rally by Mark Stone.

Big White Pops its Cork for Champagne Powder

Be sure to read this article about Big White by Neville Judd, for the Vancouver Sun.

Big White Ski Resort Opened Today!

opening day

Big White Ski Resort

Quality & Quantity

SBC Skier

SBC Skier featured Big White Ski Resort in their Fall 2011 issue, complimenting the resorts varied terrain and family appeal.

Big White and the Sundance Kids

In the Fall 2011 issue of Ski Canada Magazine Iain MacMillan describes the adventures three familes have at Big White Ski Resort.

Saw Dogs Reveal Tree House at Big White Ski Resort


Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada is hosting the television program Saw Dogs.  This new reality television show to hit Outdoor Life Network here in Canada is about a group of guys who use chainsaws to create wood sculptures.  These pieces of art are commissioned to the team under tight deadlines, and a tight budget.  Tensions rise under these high pressure circumstances but the outcome is always an incredible masterpiece.  This show combines the intensity of power tools with the beauty of art. 

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