Tube Fast, Tube Furious


In a ski resort as big as Big White, there are a lot of jobs. From Administration to Housekeeping to Lift Operations and hundreds more, there are a lot of happy staff that contribute to the well-oiled machine that is Big White. And despite the plethora of great positions available, it’s quite easy for me to make the somewhat bold claim that I have the best job on the whole mountain. The reason why is simple - I work at Tube Town.

Big White’s Mega Snow Coaster, affectionately referred to by mountain staff as ‘Tube Town’, is located at Happy Valley and accessed by gondola from the village centre. We are open every weekday afternoon from 4pm, and every weekend from 2pm, with a closing time of 9pm every night. The Mega Snow Coaster caters to people of all ages, from Tots (under 42 inches) right through to the elderly. You’re never too old to enjoy tubing, and we just love to give the old ducks an extra spin!
The thing that stands out about Tube Town is just how close knit a group we are. Tubies ride together, work together and party together, creating a bond between staff that is reflected in both our work ethic and disposition – we are all good mates and love having a bit of fun at work. Led by our fearless leader Drew Polley and his assistant Shaun Bryant, the 20-odd staff are a curious mix of predominantly Aussie, Canadian and German. We all share a healthy rivalry when it comes to spinning, relishing the chance to give excited kids the biggest spin they could imagine – each one of us secretly believing that we are the ‘spin kings’ of Tube Town…
So, if you are craving an afternoon or evening of exciting tubular adventures, don’t hesitate to come down to Big White’s Mega Snow Coaster and satisfy both the kids and the big kid in all of us. Even better yet, come down on a Saturday night at 8pm to enjoy the Happy Valley fireworks from the vantage point of the top of Tube Town.
We can’t wait to see you!

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