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Have you ever watched your brother stick a Skittle up his nose? That was the memory I thought of as I watched contestants in Big White’s Minute to Win It contest try and suck up Skittles off the table through a straw to stack them during one of the crazy timed competitions.

Because we know families matter, and that memories involving small, bright coloured candies and what your sibling does with them can last a life time, you’ll find all sorts of fun games and Family Night fun activities for après ski time to add to your mountain memories.

Wednesday nights is a great time to ride the gondola down to Happy Valley and join in the fun with your kids as Big White Ski Resort has our own version of Minute To Win It.

Sixty seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time and when you see some of the stunts they try at Big White’s Minute to Win It contest, you’ll wonder if it’s even possible, but with such coveted prizes as a stuffed Big White Moose Mascot on the line, ski lessons, or tubing passes, motivation is high!

Every Wednesday night in Happy Valley’s Moose Lounge you’ll find a happy crowd of families gathered to participate in the free Minute To Win It challenge games, staring at 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Challenges like trying to lift a candy from the table by sucking on a straw, or elevating a Skittle from floor level to your mouth using only two pencils and some string or trying to blow bubbles across the stage and get them throw a hoop at the end, will keep your family laughing.

There are tons of prize giveaways and it’s all free!

Other activities going on the Moose Lounge on other nights of the week for your family include BINGO on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, Nintendo Wii Night on Mondays from 7pm to 9pm. There’s a special Teen Wii Night on Fridays from 7pm to 9pm as well.

Thursday and Saturday nights, the family fun travels up the gondola for the Big White Carnival Night inside the Village Centre Mall, with free games and prizes from 6:30pm to 8pm, and on Saturday nights, watch for the Big White mascots race at the end, followed by fireworks.

Glenna Turnbull

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